Yumi Zouma

Yumi Zouma‘s latest single “Grand Boulevards” is taking its place among twenty others for a fantastic ambient compilation. We pan retroactively through the collage of a black and white valley lined with towering candlesticks, developed and animated by Nathaniel Whitcomb, as the angelic vocals of Christie Simpson play alongside ethereal tones. Featured by S&S Presents, in collaboration with Cascine, this collection features a worldwide cast of artists, from Bing & Ruth to Julie Byrne and of course, Yumi Zouma, among others.


See the full tracklist of Dreams, available June 15th, below. And be sure to grab your pre-order here.

Sea Oleena – Portugal (A Lift)
Bing & Ruth – Quebec (Climber)
Yumi Zouma – France (Grands Boulevards)
M. Sage – Sweden (Landskap)
Mutual Benefit – Bali
Dustin Wong – Japan
Julie Byrne & Eric Littmann -Spain
Ricky Eat Acid – Algeria (Outside your house…)
Julia Lucille – Norway
Sound of Ceres – Austria (Solar Shaded)
Teen Daze – Alaska
Cuddle Formation & Emily Reo – Bermuda (Yoshi’s Story)
Eaters – Finland
Headaches – Brazil
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Yugoslavia
Megafortress & Noah Wall – India (Scorpio)
Cemeteries & Foxes in Fiction – Alberta (Siksika/Peigan/Kainai)
Gem Club – England’s Countryside (Mother In Comet)
North Americans – Germany (Quinn) – Digital Only
Maria Usbeck – Mexico (una pirámide al revés) – Digital Only
Recycle Culture – Israel (Primitive) – Digital Only