With summer 2021 in full swing, the cherished activities many missed out during the pandemic – beach trips, pool parties, family reunions and more – are finally back. What better way to celebrate than with the perfect summer playlist? All Things Go festival performers without a doubt have a long lineup of songs perfect for the sunny season.  Check out our favorite summer picks below. 

Beach Bunny - Summer Songs

Beach Bunny

Playing at this year’s festival, Chicago surf-pop band Beach Bunny has a stacked list of songs perfect for the summertime. Off of their 2018 EP Prom Queen, “Painkiller” stands out for tis unmistakable beat and infectious melodies. Similarly, “6 Weeks” maintains the same bright tones and high danceability factor, but tackles much darker themes. The band’s debut album Honeymoon also maintains the same surfy-summer vibes, transitioning from heartbreak anthems to touch on happier, upbeat bops. “Dream Boy” is the perfect song for this summer because it details an “easy love,” potentially inspiring your own summer fling.




Bleachers - Summer Songs




Tkay Maidza- Summer Songs

Tkay Maidza

The rap powerhouse of All Things Go’s 2021 festival, Tkay Maidza, has mastered the perfect summer party vibe. The two songs that immediately come to mind are off Maidza’s 2020 album Last Year was Weird, Vol. 2, but are wildly different in beats and themes. For your pool party, be sure to play “You Sad,” a lighthearted, catchy track. On the other end of the summer-song spectrum is Maidza’s “Grasshopper,” an intense and almost industrial-sounding rap song to dance to at any summer party.




Charli XCX - Summer Songs

Charli XCX

Charli XCX is arguably the queen of summertime electro-pop, and choosing only a few songs from her impressive discography for your summer playlist is a challenge in itself. The iconic “Boom Clap” is quintessential for any pool party this summer; the track is known for its ability to stick in anyone’s head and couples with a nostalgia factor for summer 2015 and 2016, and would be a hit at any party. Another iconic Charli song is “Unlock it (Lock it)” from her 2017 album Pop 2 and features fellow pop icon Kim Petras and rapper Jay Park. The song is electric and unbelievably catchy; if ever in need of a song to get people dancing this is the perfect track. 




HAIM - Summer Songs


The headliners of All Things Go 2021, HAIM is an indie rock trio known for their soft and chill tracks — the trio’s released a stacked list of perfect summer songs that fit right in on a beach day or bonfire playlist. Off the 2017 album Something to Tell You, the tracks “Little of your Love” and “Want You Back” are both catchy and cathartic, essentials for any chill summer day with friends. Off of their 2013 record Days are Gone, “Falling” is a relaxing, lighthearted summer track. Like much of their discography, the song puts the listener in an undeniably good mood. New and old, HAIM’s chill beats make for the perfect listen on your chill summer day.




Tai Verdes - Summer Songs

Tai Verdes

After lots of talk of nostalgic summer songs from the mid 2010s, it’s important to look at the iconic summer anthems of 2021 — multiple of which come from breakout success Tai Verdes. The release of his debut album came with a stacked list of summertime songs, including the track “FEELING THIS BAD NEVER FELT SO GREAT,” another great song for a summer bonfire. The track talks about the freedom that comes with a breakup and has a true earworm quality. Similarly Verdes’ TikTok viral song “Stuck in the Middle,” and “we would have some cute kids” and uplifting, catchy songs for a summer night. 




Gus Dapperton - Summer Songs

Gus Dapperton

Gus Dapperton can best be described as eccentric, and his discography contains an abundance of energetic songs for a summer dinner party. “Post Humorous,” off of his sophomore album Orca, is a lush, synth-heavy track that builds momentum, making it the ideal song for a showdown on the dance floor, fancy dinner, or long car ride. “Eyes for Ellis,” off of Dapperton’s debut album Where Polly People Go to Read, is also a must-listen. The layering of vocals, percussion, and synth make this a glorious summer track. 




Del Water Gap - Summer Songs

Del Water Gap

Del Water Gap may be known for his heartthrob or emotional tracks, but his discography additionally contains some songs perfect for your summer listening. On his track“Don’t Read the Mirror” Del Water Gap’s showcases his iconic, emotive voice over an upbeat, guitar instrumental. His recent single “Sorry I Am” is perfect for summer as well, due to its soft, dreamy vocals and chilled-out beat. 





Bleachers is known for their summer anthems, and rightfully so. Playing at All Things Go Festival in 2017, the band’s 2014 smash hit “I Wanna Get Better” is one of those classic summer songs to blast year after year. Off the same album but slightly less well-known is the opening track “Wild Heart” which is an equally infectious summer anthem. Perfect for blasting while driving with your windows down, “Wild Heart” is a classic indie pop track to add to your summer playlist. 

CHVRCHES - Summer Songs


Another blast from the All Things Go past is CHVRCHES, a synth-pop trio whose entire discography fits perfectly into the summer season. Their most-recent release, the 2021 single “He Said She Said” can be a contender for the 2021 song of the summer; lead singer Lauren Mayberry uses her electric voice to stand out over upbeat electronic beats. Despite the recurring lyric of “feel like I’m losing my mind,” the track is undeniably catchy and would be perfect for any summer party. CHVRCHES’ 2015 album Every Open Eye is another quintessential summer album from that time period, with each song being perfect for any outdoor summer occasion. “Playing Dead” and “Bury It” are the two perfect summer songs from this album, with “Playing Dead” taking on a more lowkey beat than “Bury It”, but both using the band’s iconic synth-pop and electronic style to up the danceability.