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YNW Melly has released a video for “Mixed Personalities” to support his sophomore LP We All Shine. Melly absolutely exploded last year immediately after being released from prison on a weapons case after a string of hit singles led to his debut album I AM YOU. The newest prodigy coming out of Florida’s deep talent pool, Melly uses a mix of cloud rap and Valee-like melodies to create infectious pop-trap hits.  Born Jamell Demons, he has been able to establish himself with a handful of huge hits without the support of huge features.

“Mixed Personalities” refreshingly feels like more than a throwaway track that only includes a high-profile feature to get some extra streams. It’s not unknown for Kanye West to mail in a feature from time to time, but his appearance here really works. He doesn’t try and take over the track, doesn’t say anything inflammatory, and provides a great vocal perform to support the chorus. The track is also an interesting segway from the bipolar narrative he fleshed out with Ye, although that is a generous connection.

Everything about this song is set to make it a huge hit with some staying power as “Mixed Personalities” is the most professionally produced song YNW Melly has released thus far. With the video already doing numbers, it looks like this will only be gas on the fire of Melly’s meteoric rise. The chorus is able to find a measured balance for the falsetto, auto-tuned crooning Melly used with less success on tracks like RISK TAKER. He takes turns with Kanye interpreting the melody, as the song is basically a four-minute chorus. The video is equally professional and an apt reflection of the song’s fun, pop vibe with a lot of dancing robots, sentient alien grass, and scrolling through some DMs. If YNW isn’t already on your radar, make sure to keep tabs on him this year.