Kanye West

So after months of strange behavior from Kanye West, his latest record is out – streamed last night from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It’s his shortest yet, clocking in at 23-minutes with seven tracks served to mixed audiences. Chris Rock hosted the listening party, featuring only a few dozen musicians, journalists and suits, leaving the audience with the more than quotable line: “Hip-hop is the first art form created by free black men. And no black man has taken more advantage of his freedom than Kanye West.”

Kanye has been stirring some serious controversy lately, from trying to rock a MAGA hat to suggesting slavery was a choice, dividing fans across the board and even crossing lines with the die-hards. That being said, this record might actually be a hard pill to swallow for some – its lack of oomph notwithstanding. Here’s a taste, of course. Call it in the air.