Viktor Ahlgren

Some say there are faded figures in those obscured corners of the bedroom – lingering just out of sight until the day’s last light reaches your eyes. Meet Viktor Ahlgren, experimental newcomer and half of LA electro favorites LACEI. Today he’s sharing an exclusive taste of his debut solo project, Nightmares. Inspired by dreadful sleep paralysis, his latest four-track release opens with soothing tone – albeit unsettlingly-named “Night Time Psycho” – to represent the comfort of resting one’s head on an infinite pillow.

“It Comes At Night” begins a journey from a forked road as the body and mind make their separate ways into darkness. Muscles settle, light fades through eyelashes and the figures come out to play. Fans of UNKLE will be familiar with these sonic landscapes all-too defined, and just in time for Halloween.

Nightmares is out on all streaming services this Friday. Stay tuned and get a taste of dread below.