Veronica Bianqui

Veronica Bianqui has become something of an LA icon in recent years. She can be found around town, socializing at local shows or working out new material in our favorite intimate venues. Today she’s sharing “Sunday Cups”, a pure crooning jam that has that vintage vavoom! feel. Co-produced by Matt Adams of The Blank Tapes, this single graces us with angelic harmonies that blend slowly into a broader picture. Listen below

On the new single, Veronica writes “This song represents my newer approach in writing more stripped down, sparse songs. I also wanted to try something different by bringing in Nina and Tatiana on backup vocals, as opposed to singing them myself like in my other tracks. The lyrics are essentially a tongue-in-cheek criticism about the social pressures many of us feel sometimes to not put our emotions on display. Often we hide what we are really feeling for fear of stigma, and we keep our emotions contained.”