Working hard is in Kelsey Bryne’s blood. Better known as the songstress behind VÉRITÉ, Bryne is about to release her first full-length album, Somewhere In Between, which marks the culmination of years of work from squirreling her tips away as a waitress at Applebees in New York City. “When I focus on something, I don’t think, I just focus,” Bryne told All Things Go in a recent interview. “I’ve been performing since I was young, doing small shows. And when I was eight or nine I was oddly driven to do it,” VÉRITÉ says. “However, I never understood how to transition that into a career and I literally had to find it within myself to navigate that path and how to push forward.” It wasn’t until music became a bigger commitment than her 60+ hour waitressing gig did VÉRITÉ, through the guidance of her mother, quit her job to pursue music full-time.


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And that drive has paid off with VÉRITÉ breaking the music scene, beginning in 2014 with a headlining tour, performing at music festivals like Firefly, independently releasing her music on her own terms, and opening for Tove Lo and BØRNS. Now, she’s on tour with Betty Who.

Somewhere In Between finds VÉRITÉ writing music that grapples with human relationships, her relationship to her beloved city of New York and more with intense reflection. The record includes the help of producers Liam Howe (Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding, fka Twigs), Tim Anderson (Twenty One Pilots, Solange, Mr. Little Jeans), Peter Thomas (Selena Gomez, Betty Who), James Flannigan and Zach Nicita.

VÉRITÉ didn’t think the process of creating a full-album would be as different as previous creative processes, but that all quickly changed. “You have to think about art, continuity, and all details that I didn’t expect,” she says. “For me it was like a good exercise in confidence exercise in pushing myself and didn’t want it to be boring and stand out of its own and be part of this more cohesive project.”


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The first single off of Somewhere In Between is the song “When You’re Gone,” which VÉRITÉ says is the most fun to perform live. The track starts off with a pulse, haunting beat and slowly builds to describes a relationship that has lost all of its fiber, where she feels no difference between when her lover is near her or not. “I don’t mind you leaving when the damage is done/ And I don’t mind, I feel the same when you’re gone.”

VÉRITÉ’s music fits nicely into a slice of pop that doesn’t stray away from depth and complex sound mixing (think the recent successes of Ryn Weaver, Florence and the Machine, SIA). VÉRITÉ cites female alt-pop artists like Kimbra for “being really great examples of really powerful, strong females with a particular aesthetic.  All who really write and perform really great dynamic pop music. I don’t want to necessarily emulate them, but I want to create my own lane that is distinct”

VÉRITÉ is on her way, like her inspirations, to driving down her own road and she’s not slowing down anytime soon.


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VÉRITÉ’s “Somewhere in Between” is out June 23rd.