From Lil’ Kim and Lauryn Hill to Missy Elliot and Megan Thee Stallion, it is crucial to recognize the many great womxn that have influenced hip-hop history. No true fan can ignore the role of these legends who spurred new styles and presided over pop culture. Their legacy permeates the rap game to this day, with more and more female rappers bringing their own flair and fire every year. 

We want to highlight the underrated female rappers who are going to dominate 2021. These four fresh lyricists have been building their empires in the shadows for the past couple of years, and they are now ready to take over. Each artist has their unique personality and power, yet they all share a confident, chip-on-their-shoulder courage that will elevate them throughout the new year. So listen, explore, and watch these four fresh female rappers as they bring their best.

Che Noir - Female Rappers To Watch in 2021

Che Noir

If there’s any musician who can rhyme circles around the rap game, all the while keeping it real, it’s Che Noir. The Buffalo native is a powerful rapper, producer and magnificent emcee, constructing her unique style from scratch. The tying of her three talents results in a daring, direct delivery with a truthful twist and twinge of ’90s East Coast rap. She can cover all kinds of topics with her matter-of-fact mindset, whether that’s her experiences with racial injustice or the heartbreaks of hustling. Whenever Che Noir steps on the mic, it’s sure to be a treat. 

Noir released three projects in 2020, collaborating with other artists on two of them and working with notable names across the board. The first album Juno features Noir and 38 Spesh, a Rochester rapper and producer, flowing over hard hip-hop beats. Noir shines on this project, with bars and braggadocio reflecting her Buffalo background. The second project, As God Intended,  is an outspoken album with Detroit producer Apollo Brown. Here Noir takes a deeper dive into herself and surrounding society, spitting pin-point punches about numerous problems. Finally, the After 12 EP is Che Noir’s most self-determined and self-directed statement of the year. The aromatic beats have a divine darkness to them, allowing Noir to flow with both fun and fury at the same time. This triumphant trio of projects and poignancy puts her in position for a powerful 2021. 

If Che Noir can keep up her productivity, she will conquer next year’s competition. The underground talent has the tenacity to make it to the top in 2021, all she needs is a little bit of listening. So watch for Che Noir and wait for her inevitable incredibleness. 




Armani Caesar - Female Rappers To Watch in 2021

Armani Caesar

Armani Caesar is ready to conquer the hip hop world in 2021. Another Buffalo-based badass, Caesar has a catchy cockiness that pervades through her slow, seductive style. She raps on her own rhythm, balancing, bars, ad-libs, and braggadocio, no matter the beat production. Armani often works with her Griselda Records colleagues, Benny the Butcher, Westside Gunn, and Conway the Machine, but has defined her own destiny through powerful punchlines and perseverance. 

Caesar released her first studio album, The Liz,  with Griselda in 2020. Though the project is still low on listens, it received critical praise alongside a positive reception from the rap community. In most songs, Armani’s lyrics relay the love and languish of a hustler’s life. From clubs to concerts, studios to the streets, she makes it clear: she knows how to make that money. With the support of her new label, Caesar crowns herself queen — or first lady — of Griselda Records. Her confidence and sweet swagger ensure the audience she’s here to stay; she’s just waiting for the world to catch up.

As Armani and the rest of Griselda continue to gain ground and golden awards, their futures are frighteningly bright. They are poised to take over with poignancy and productivity like no one’s seen before. Backed by some of the best, Armani Caesar is gonna blow up the whole game. 




Mulatto - Female Rappers to Watch in 2021


Mulatto’s reign as “Queen of Da Souf” is only just getting started. With a crown on her head and jewels all over her body, the Atlanta rapper sounds best when boasting over big southern bass. No matter the song, she spits with a percussive pointedness that is sharp enough to cut anyone who comes too close. Bouncing loudly and proudly over all types of trap beats, Mulatto’s confidence and creativity has caught the attention of southern legends like Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, and 2 Chainz, even earning her a spot in XXL’s 2020 Freshman Class.

After being named to the XXL Freshman class, she released her debut project with RCA Records, Queen of Da Souf. The album is quintessentially ‘Latto, with thunderous 808s from start to finish and a callous conviction that cannot be quieted. She also manages to carry this energy to the projects of NLE Choppa, A$AP Ferg, and Queen Naija on which she features. 

Mulatto’s outstanding performances and overall productivity throughout 2020 earned her a nomination for Best New Hip-Hop Artist at the 2020 BET Awards, capping off a truly special year for the southern savant. 

Mulatto has made it obvious that she has the right to rule for years to come. She has teased a tiny bit of her talent and is poised to take over as she defines and refines her sound. Bow down to the monarch that is Mulatto and expect great things to come. 





There’s a punk power in Bktherula‘s production and an aggressive ambience to her beats. Depending on the song, her vocals can be light and lapsing or coarse and confrontational. This extreme versatility is central to the one-of-a-kind vision of Bktherula, an 18-year-old Atlanta-based rapper who thrives in the grey area between rap, punk and alternative electronic music. This experimental space recently expanded by artists like JPEGMAFIA and Playboi Carti. But BK takes genre-fluidity one step further: she rides her own rhythm through her seemingly-reckless artistic expression – mashing dreamy melodies with aggressive synths – somehow creating magic along the way. 

In 2020, Bktherula released two projects that showcase her contradictory music style. The first, her debut mixtape Love Santana, is full of typical trap influence: ticking hi-hats and deep reverberated bass. Bk fires off a monotonous multitude of flows that orbit and overlap with each other, creating a sound that is both simple yet oddly stunning. The mixtape teases Bktherula’s more aesthetic side, but her true hip hop mastery is revealed on her second project Nirvana. The mixtape features a variety of swirling synths through which Bk weaves her vocals. She maintains her rancorous raps from “Love Santana,” but also adds more bittersweet singing to entrance the listener. The energetic yet slightly psychedelic project mimics a misguided euphoria: one that feels right, but takes a few listens to adjust.

Bktherula is certainly feeling elevated and unstoppable with her unique flair. As genres continue to contort and combine, she will be set to navigate the ever-changing musical landscape. Get lost in the love and languish of Bktherula with the songs below.