If you haven’t been tuned in to updates in the music industry lately, you may have missed a big change to one of the most fundamental country bands of all time.  That’s right, we’re talking about The Chicks, who recently dropped “Dixie,” a word commonly associated with Confederate-era South, from their name. The Chicks simultaneously released their new single “March March” with lyrics and a video that reflect on current and past racial and social injustices, suggesting the change is an attempt to distance the band from that particular part of U.S. history.


The Chicks

The band has never shied away from expressing their beliefs before, as evident from the now infamous incident in 2003, when singer Natalie Maines told a London audience ten days before the United States invaded Iraq that the band was ashamed that President George W. Bush was from Texas. The Chicks faced immediate backlash and were essentially blacklisted from the music industry for years.

Still, the trio persisted and are back with their first album in 14 years, Gaslighter. In celebration of The Chicks’ new chapter, we’ve created a playlist for all you stans out there. Whether you dig them for their country tunes or their refusal to be pushed down (or maybe you just really like singing along to their cover of “Landslide”) we’ve got something you’ll like below. 



The Chicks - Emily Wolfe

Emily Wolfe – White Collar Whiskey

At first glance, Emily Wolfe seems to be pure rock and roll with her excellent guitar riffs and head-banging tracks. But give her music a deeper listen, and you’ll soon see why she and her single “White Collar Whiskey” get a place on this list. Her songs and vocals have both roots of country and blues like in “White Collar Whiskey” and “Hazy Days”, reflecting Wolfe’s North Carolina origins and current home-base in Texas. Like The Chicks, she also creates addictive sing-along songs that are both sincere and honest, a major reason why fans find these songs so compelling. If we still haven’t convinced you, listen for the sake of Wolfe’s vocals on those high notes, which is basically The Chicks Style 101.




The Chicks - Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis – On the Line

If you’re more of a The Chicks stan for their no nonsense attitude towards men wasting their time (check out “Gaslighter” off their new album), then Jenny Lewis’ track “On The Line” is the song for you. Similar to The Chicks, Lewis is never afraid to shy away from singing about bad relationships — whether it’s her or her beau’s fault — in her country-folk style. While “Gaslighter” focuses on, unsurprisingly, a man gaslighting his partner, “On the Line” laments a man with commitment issues. So, if you are in need of some commiseration, these ladies have you covered.




The Chicks - Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot – Riot (Ft. IXXF)

For fans of The Chicks who are one board with the band’s political activism, they’ll find similar company in Russian feminist protest punk band Pussy Riot. The band, whose members have been arrested on multiple occasions, has released a number of songs critiquing the U.S. government including “Make America Great Again,” which envisioned a Trump presidency and the subsequent civil rights restrictions before he even was elected. Pussy Riot’s newest single “Riot was inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests in the United States and the arrest of Peter Verzilov in Russia for his supposed involvement in organizing riots last summer. Much like The Chicks, Pussy Riot is not about to stop making music anytime soon, for which we are very grateful. 




The Chicks - The Indigo Girls

Indigo Girls – Shit Kickin’

Maybe you’re just here because you miss the ’90s and are excited that a band from that time is making a comeback. In that case, “Shit Kickin’” by the Indigo Girls is the song for you. The folk duo, which released their first album in 1988, still hasn’t lost their groove. “Shit Kickin’’s country-esque tune reflects the singers’ southern Georgia roots with lyrics expressing a similar kick-ass attitude. Whether you knew them then or are exploring them now, we highly recommend a deep dive into the Indigo Girls’ discography for a trip down memory lane. 





Dagny – Landslide

Okay, so maybe the only thing you really know by The Chicks is their awesome cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.” If that applies to you, we highly recommend checking out Dagny’s electro-synth cover of the classic, which brings the song to a whole new level with its sped-up techno accompaniment. The Norwegian pop singer’s upbeat style shines in Side A of her debut album Strangers/Lovers. We personally can’t stop listening to “Coulda Woulda Shoulda” and its fun bubblegum pop dance beat. 




Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves – Slow Burn

If you love The Chicks’ slow twangy vocals when they’re singing about love (think “Cowboy Take Me Away”) then you’ll love Kacey Musgraves‘ “Slow Burn.” The six-time Grammy award winning artist is 100% country, but with a timeless indie style that even non-country lovers will fall in love with. There’s something incredibly romantic about falling in love slowly and Musgraves encapsulates it perfectly with a liquid smooth tempo and lyrics like “you know the bar down the street don’t close for an hour / we should take a walk and look at all the flowers.”




Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift – Soon You’ll Get Better (Ft. The Chicks)

This one may seem like a cop-out because The Chicks are literally featured in this song, but it just goes to show how in sync Taylor Swift’s style is with The Chicks. Although Swift has focused on pure pop music lately, her country roots shine bright in “Soon You’ll Get Better.” Swift’s experiences also follow a familiar pattern to The Chicks as she suffered her own fair share of personal attacks leading to her temporary disappearance from the limelight. She then released her comeback album Reputation, which gives off very similar “Not Ready to Make Nice” vibes as featured in The Chicks’ Taking the Long Way. Now it’s clear that both Swift and The Chicks are better off without the haters in Lover and Gaslighter respectively, and we’re excited to see what comes next for both of them. 




If you haven’t already, make sure to listen to The Chicks’ new album Gaslighter below.