Photo credit: Kevin Chambers

For those under the impression that DC’s music history is strickly punk and go-go, let Swoll guide you to the light. The project of Matt Dowling, a local octopus-like musician with his influence reaching across the spectrum, Swoll takes a slow approach to the district’s avant-garde scene. There’s something to be said about minimalism in the age of epic drops and walls of sound. Luckily our interpreter is here to ensure a bit of accuracy.

Today he shares “Slow”, an aptly-named track of pulsating greatness that digs deep into the realm of regret and acceptance. Imagine reading The Great Divorce on a dark and rainy night as you replay the moment you were about to lose hope, but saw a light in the distance that burns through the thick fog ahead.

Swoll’s self-titled album is out March 9th on Blight, with the pre-release available here. Stay tuned.