Church Girls
Photo credit: Marissa Beaumont

Philadelphia indie outfit Church Girls are following up on their 2017 full-length Home, their latest five-track path to greatness. Expertly blend elements of early optimistic indie with energy fit for festivals, the EP seems to flip a switch in their approach to songwriting. All of the lights are on now, and we’re welcomed into a warm record paradise in stereo.

The band kick us off strong with “Just Like You”, an energetic jam with steady implications. Tasteful fuzz in the strings keeps pace with persistent drums and an introspective disposition via vocalist Mariel Beaumont. Her stylish range comes to the forefront on “Dead Wood”, the EP’s break in speed that carries hints of country and alt rock trains of thought. This is what you hear when browsing through records – seeping into your subconscious when you’re not sure which album to get. We’re all ears here, so trust when we say their follow-up completes the bigger picture.

Home is out all across the digital waves this Friday via Chatterbot and is available for pre-order here. Don’t miss this one.