October is full of so many good things: leaves changing, the weather getting cooler and, of course, the best holiday ever, Halloween. And really, what is Halloween without some spooky videos? If you’ve seen Scream 3 way too many times and are looking for something else to put on in the background, we have composed a list of the top 10 spookiest music videos for your viewing and listening pleasure. From classics like “Thriller” to more recent songs like “bury a friend,” we’ve got the perfect vids to provide you with some Halloween thrills.

Ashnikko - Spooky Music Videos

Ashnikko – STUPID (Feat. Yung Baby Tate)

With a video that literally starts with Ashnikko laughing in the street as she is covered in blood, you know you’re in for a creepy time. “STUPID” centers on Ashnikko as she embarks on a probably well-deserved killing spree of ex-boyfriends. Yung Baby Tate eventually joins the carnage celebration with her own list, leaving literal bodies in the street, and providing Ashnikko with a getaway car. Whether they get away or not is certainly unestablished, but they seemed to have a good time either way.





Pink Floyd - Spooky Music Videos

Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall

The creepy distorted masks on the kids alone are sure to give you nightmares from this music video, and that’s even before they jump into a giant meat shredder. Pink Floyd’sAnother Brick in the Wall,” the source of the emblematic verse “we don’t need no education,” has a surprisingly disturbing music video. The music video takes place in the mind of child who is being berated for writing poetry in class. He receives punishment and embarrassment at the hands of a strict teacher (who seems to have his own problems at home), causing the boy to envision a rather terrifying version of the school. Luckily, it’s all in his head, but we’ll definitely be picturing the creepy masked children in our dreams tonight.





Billie Eilish - Spooky Music Videos

Billie Eilish – bury a friend

If you cringe at the sight of needles, we recommend skipping this one. Billie Eilish serves as the source of horror in “bury a friend,” sometimes taking on the form of a monster hiding under the bed, other times disjointedly walking down a creepy hallway. The entire video feels like a walk through a haunted house, with its flickering lights and constantly changing scenes, creating suspense of what might happen next.





Nine Inch Nails - Spookiest Music Videos

Nine Inch Nails – Pinion

For a music video that is only one minute and 23 seconds long, and contains no lyrics or even spoken words, “Pinion” still marks as one of the creepiest on this list. Nine Inch Nails, a band well-known for its dark and sometimes disturbing tones, provides the perfect pulse-racing music with a series of strummed discordant guitar chords which progress in volume and urgency during the song. We can’t describe too much without ruining the whole thing but safe to say, we’ll be cautious of toilets for awhile.





Radiohead - Spooky Music Videos

Radiohead – Just

If psychological thrillers are more of your jam, Radiohead’s “Just” is the spooky music video for you. The video focuses on a seemingly average middle-aged man dressed in business apparel, walking down a city street. He then makes a certain decision which catches a lot of fellow people’s attention. Fair warning: this video will mess with your head and you’ll be pondering its meaning days after watching.





Rockwell - Spooky Music Videos

Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me

This music vid is for those of us who always hear weird sounds when we are alone in our homes and our convinced it is a mass murderer instead of our cat switching her nap position from one pillow to another. Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” capitalizes on that paranoia with a video shot partially in first person which, if we’re being honest, makes it feel a little too personal. Rockwell walks around his home only to be confronted by a series of ghoulish characters which may, or may not, all be in his mind.





Au/Ra - Spooky Music Videos

Au/Ra – Panic Room

This music video reminds us of those scary stories where you think you know where something is going and then it turns out completely different. Set in a hospital, Au/Ra starts “Panic Room” clutching her chest as red lights flash, alarms blare, and hospital personnel run by. Au/Ra slowly makes her way forward as others run into a panic room, clearly also injured from the unknown threat that is leaving bodies in puddles of blood on the floor. Although the song itself is more sad than scary, the anticipation still builds as Au/Ra grapples with her feelings while others panic around her. The twist is well worth the watch and Au/Ra does a great job of keeping your attention all the way through.





MGMT - Spooky Music Videos

MGMT – Little Dark Age

MGMTs “Little Dark Age” is probably better described as weird scary than actually scary. Depicting a haunted house with a mix of odd characters including a woman brushing through split hair, a person cloaked completely in black, and another man who keeps chopping fruits with a meat-cleaver, MGMT certainly keeps it interesting. The song and video itself has an underlying ’80s motif adding to a strange feel of not knowing exactly what time any of this is occurring. It reminded us a lot of the 1963 movie The Haunting where guests encounter a number of strange things while walking around a reportedly haunted house, and yet, as in most scary movies, continue to explore it.





Soundgarden - Spooky Music Videos

Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun 

Listening to “Black Hole Sun,” you wouldn’t necessarily call it scary, but the music video accompanying the song is super creepy. In the video, Soundgarden depict a very odd suburban neighborhood which features a disturbing cast of characters, each creepier than the last, all engaged in a number of alarming activities. A solar vortex is eventually created, sucking out the inhabitants to who knows where. Is it a metaphor for drugs? Is it just a commentary on suburbia? We don’t really know, but we are fully weirded out in the best way possible.





Michael Jackson - Spooky Music Videos

Michael Jackson – Thriller

How could we not put “Thriller” on the list? This music video is pretty much the epitome of “spooky.” Michael Jackson appears to be on a date, when he starts to act pretty animalistic towards her and suddenly turns into a werewolf. We then realize we are viewing a movie within a movie (very Shakespearean), and Michael and his actual date are fine. Instead, they leave the movie theater and take a walk through a graveyard. Here, Michael actually transforms into a werewolf, but this time retaining his ability to dance with his fellow ghouls in the infamous “Thriller” dance number. The song is amazing, the dancing is impeccable, and clocking in at thirteen minutes and forty-two seconds, you pretty get an entire scary movie out of it.