Spooky Mansion

It might be the middle of the fall, but Spooky Mansion are keeping us warm with their new video for “Glass Mood Ring.” This upbeat tune is the latest from Los Angeles’ self-described “surf-soul-rock-n-roll” purveyors. The story behind how this video came about is pretty funny. According to the band…

This giant house in the hills was being sold by the head of marketing for a major fast food chain and they wanted to use a music video as a way to highlight all the rooms and amenities of this property. Unfortunately in the end there was a snag after the property owner realized our band name and wanted to put a halt on the whole thing: “I’m not having the words Spooky Mansion anywhere near my house!” We scuffled and eventually made it out with our own copy of the video […]

Funny how things work out. Give the video a first watch below and stay tuned for more new music from Spooky Mansion.