September has finally arrived which means students are heading back to school, Pumpkin Spice Lattes will soon be at Starbucks, and Halloween is right around the corner. It’s time to say so long to summer, but before we do so, let’s reminisce on our top choices for Song of the Summer.



Song of the Summer - Blu DeTiger

Blu DeTiger – Figure it Out

Blu DeTiger’sFigure it Out” is reimagined-funk at its finest. The muted mantra “figure it out” delivered over gripping bass warbles mirrors the mania of the repetitive thoughts so many of us have when we’re trying to make sense of something. Blu’s skillful production and instrumental genius stands out on this track, creating a refreshingly unique summer bop.







Song of the Summer - Curtis Waters

Curtis Waters – Stunnin’ (Feat. Harm Franklin)

Let’s be honest: We’re still jammin’ to Curtis WatersStunnin’,” no matter how many times we’ve listened to it on TikTok. There’s a reason why the song has been used millions of times to flaunt fresh new outfits on the app  — it’s addictively catchy, feel-good beat is  impossible not to dance along to. And with this being just the beginning of Waters’ career, we can’t wait to hear what the Nepali-Canadian artist puts out next.





Song of the Summer - Lewis Del Mar

Lewis Del Mar – The Ceiling

When Lewis Del Mars released their sophomore album August this summer, it was after a four year hiatus. The band admitted that the success of their self-titled album led to a year of intense non-stop touring and subsequent burnout, steering the duo to focus on their emotional and physical well-being. These themes are explored throughout the entire album, but especially on “The Ceiling,” which captures the intensity of tour life and the band’s radical transformation into who they are today.





Song of the Summer - The Chicks

The Chicks – Julianna Calm Down 

The Chicks entire new album Gaslighter is amazing, but “Julianna Calm Down” is definitely our favorite. The track, which starts solemn and hushed, slowly builds into an upbeat tune jam-packed with messages of female empowerment, encouraging women to exit toxic relationships.

Fun fact: “Julianna” is actually the name of the eldest daughter of founding Dixie Chick Emily Robison-Strayer. In this song, The Chicks use their daughters’ names as a metaphor for any girl who has been in similar situations. Released in the summer but relatable all year round, we’ll be listening to this song whenever we need a self-confidence boost.






Fleece – So Long 

In Fleece‘s single “So Long,” the band bids the digital world adieu one morning after spending way too much time on their phone, which pretty much sums up our whole mood this quarantine. Somehow the Canadian outfit keeps this emotionally-torn song feeling light with a carefree rock beat that captures the mixed emotions of a tumultuous year. Maybe we can’t just leave behind our cares completely, but with “So Long” we can at least forget about them for a few minutes. 





Chicano Batman

Chicano Batman – Pink Elephant

Chicano Batman’sPink Elephant” wins the award for grooviest song of the summer. The song features a funky, psychedelic beat that was heavily influenced by the ’90s hip-hop that band member Eduardo Arenas listened to growing up in Los Angeles. The California vibe is very much felt throughout the song, making it the ideal tune to listen to on a cool summer evening (or if you’re craving a West Coast vacation).





Dinner Party

Dinner Party – Freeze Tag (Feat. Phoelix)

Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or chilling with friends in the park, “Freeze Tag” is one of those songs you keep playing on loop. The song comes from the collaborative album Dinner Party, a project put together by Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper, Kamasi Washington and 9th Wonder. Just like the song “Freeze Tag,” the entire album will chill you out, no matter the occasion. 






Khruangbin – So We Won’t Forget

Khruangbin may be from Texas, but they find musical inspiration from across the globe. Drawing on anything from 1960s Thai funk to Spanish jazz, the Houston outfit has created a psychedelic surf-rock sound of their own. “So We Won’t Forget” is a song for those summers which seem to go by way too fast. The song, which has a sweet if not slightly melancholy beat, serves as a good reminder to record those unique and special summer experiences so you can look back at them down the road. 






Duckwrth – Super Bounce 

Who knew you could create lounge music for sitting in your car? Somehow Duckwrth has mastered this tricky atmosphere in his track “Super Bounce.” The slow, groovy pace this super chill hit is the ultimate summer tune – with lyrics that evoke the image of a joyful moment in the backseat of someone’s car on a summer evening.






Rosalía – TKN (Feat. Travis Scott)

COVID-19 may have been the death of in-person parties this summer, but that didn’t stop Rosalía joining forces with Travis Scott to release a  festive dance hit. The 26-year-old Spanish singer-songwriter is no stranger to creating dance-worthy songs, and “TKN” does not disappoint. With its upbeat tune and bilingual lyrics, this is the second song Rosalía and Scott have collaborated on and we can’t wait to hear more.





Cut Copy

Cut Copy – Cold Water

Cut Copy’s new album Freeze, Melt marks a departure from their usual high energy bangers, but we’re digging it. Their song “Cold Water” sounds exactly like its name — cool and refreshing with a crystal sharp beat that’s reminiscent of jumping into a pool on a sizzling day. As the album progresses, the songs build upon these darker and colder sounds, transferring into an autumn haze, helping us ease into the season ahead of us without sacrificing our favorite summer sounds. 




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