For those who were there or somewhere in its near future, brit pop was a defining moment in humanity’s musical history. Its existential lyricism, sensually free vocals and slow rock & roll rhythms reminded the world that the US’s scenes were not the only game in town. The generation of the mid 2000’s took that to heart, even as the older siblings’ hipster music. It reinterpreted the style by writing around the coming of age of iPods and cheap digital cameras for the LiveJournal and Myspace users. For those who weren’t and are new to these styles, see above.

Imagine that musical philosophy in our own time – an age of nearly pure digital sensory perception. In 2018, the classic aesthetic is still alive but certainly underutilized. For this third wave of evolution we have RICH GIRLS, an NYC trio that was happy but unsatisfied with the second wave’s retelling. It’s a US artist’s time once again to tell a new story while reiterating an original message. They’ve done this with their latest single, “Wayne”. It dances close to the wide line between shoegaze and alternative and narrows it with each step. It feels like a call for understanding, though not in the loving plea form that we’re accustomed to. Some people are not the same and they simply have to face it, even by a few nudges. Listen below.

The band’s debut full length, Black City, is out in April via Tricycle Records, and don’t miss their set at Berlin in NYC March 24th.

On the new single, Luisa Black writes, “I’m bringing back the power ballad in 2018. It’s a high bar.”