No. 2

CLASS OF 2020 is a limited spotlight series that showcases the best emerging talent of the year.

Who Is Remi Wolf?

Name: Remi Wolf
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Most Likely To Soundtrack: An episode of HBO’s Insecure
RIYL: Charli XCX mixed with Aretha Franklin, Slayyter mixed with Patti LaBelle, but also Ryan Beatty and Peach Tree Rascals

Maybe you recognize her face from Season 13 of American Idol. Or maybe you just recognize her newfound blend of funky pop. Either way, Remi Wolf is a refreshing wild card. Her current Spotify bio sets the scene pretty nicely: “Remi Wolf is a crazy bih but is also hella nice and sweet sometimes but also likes to yell at people but has figured out that maybe instead of yelling at people she can just sing and scream at people on stage when she’s in the mood to make money and act like a daddy dom.”

What Should I Listen To First?

Last year Remi Wolf released her debut You’re A Dog! EP and most recently blessed us with its aptly-named follow up, I’m Allergic To Dogs! We recommend checking out her rEmI WoLf cOmPlEtE playlist to get the full funky Remi experience.

Meet Remi Wolf.

Where are you right now? 

Chilling in a fuzzy white cube in the backyard of Adam Levine’s old house. 

What is your favorite drink? 

The freshly squeezed sweat that accumulates in the heel of my Crocs. 

What is your favorite food/meal/dish?

Serve me anything on a cutting board and I will eat it happily. 

What would be your dream collaboration? 

Charles E. Cheese

What was the last thing you texted your best friend?

“You can meet my beast” to my friend Cole Preston.

Who will play you in the movie about your life?

Jim Carrey.

Screenshot your last food order. 

remi wolf ramen dog

Screenshot your “Recently Played” on Spotify.

remi wolf herbie hancock

What Remi Wolf Is Listening To.

Check out our Class of 2020 playlist below to hear what Remi Wolf has had on repeat lately.

Your Insta bio says you were formally known as “Remogwog” and you’ve mentioned that “og” is your language and lifestyle. Can you give us a peek into this “og” world?

Take the last syllable off of every word you say, then add an OG in its place and there ya go. It can get confusing tho because some words are so short that the whole word ends up being OG, so it takes a really experienced linguist to distinguish the differences. 

You recently teamed up with Fall Classic alum Cautious Clay and a bunch of our other favorite artists on “Cheesin’” to help raise money for MusiCares. Can we expect any other collabs in the future? 


You teamed up with director Ágústa Ýr to create your psychedelic music video for “Woo!” Tell us about what that mind meld was like.

We mainly talked about our disturbing amount of love for Oompa Loompa’s and Fooglies the whole time. And how we wanted to create our own rendition of an ironically bright fantasy land. 


2019’s “Guy” was the first showcase of your disco-funk meets R&B sound. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get a lot of inspiration from Chaka Khan, Prince, The Tom Tom Club and a lot of my incredibly talented friends. 

You’re a self-proclaimed TikTok provocateur. What’s been your favorite TikTok trend so far? 

10 cans of bounce that ass.

A lot of the lyrics on “Disco Man” are tongue-in-cheek references to a dude who thinks he’s got his shit pulled together. Was this based on real life?

Yes. Living in LA you get a lot of that at bars and parties. It’s actually pretty fun to watch ’em in the wild go and do their thing. The specific references are all pulling from interactions I have observed or stuff some of my friends and exes have said lol.


What Fans Are Saying.

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