From promoting self-care to sparking a revolution during quarantine, these 15 musicians capture the highs and lows of lockdown, transforming “pandemic” into a genre itself. Check out our full quarantine playlist and a breakdown of our favorite tracks below: 



Avenue Beat - Quarantine Playlist

Avenue Beat – F2020

Avenue Beat is a funky-pop girl band that oozes Gen Z energy. Viral masterminds, their quarantine anthem “F2020” first popped off on TikTok, reaching six million views in less than 48 hours on the platform, and another two million streams on Spotify within a week. Sassy but self-deprecating, “F2020” strikes that perfect balance between satire and seriousness, making for a relatable bop with catchy lyrics that will be stuck in your head for days. “Lowkey fuck 2020 / Still sad, ain’t got no money / . . . I don’t know about everyone else, but I think I’m kind of done / Can we just get to 2021? (Please).” This is a song that makes you go “mood.” 




Stirfryboyz - Quarantine Playlist

Stirfryboyz – HEARTBREAKER

When Stirfryboyz first began making music, it was only as a joke. The three friends — Collin, Jack, and Leon — first met at USC, and were on a weekend retreat with their college dance team in Joshua Tree when they began drunkenly freestyling. Before they knew it, two weeks had passed, and they had released their first song “Sunday.” Shocked by the song’s traction, getting noticed not just by their peers but music magazines like Billboard, the self-proclaimed Asian “manband” felt encouraged to get more serious with their sound, while still “keep[ing] things as Stirfry as possible.” ‘HEARTBREAKER,” is one of two tracks off their short-but-sweet Socially Distanced EP and showcases that newly-evolved, mature sound. Featuring a dreamy back-and-forth between their bandmates and R&B collaborator Sabrina Chen, Stirfryboyz contemplate heartbreak amidst quarantine.




Sinead Harnett - Quarantine Playlist

Sinead Harnett Quarantine Queen

London-born R&B icon Sinead Harnett has had a lot of time to reflect under lockdown. A classic powerhouse-R&B song with a not-so-classical lyrical twist, “Quarantine Queen” captures Sinead’s anxieties about herself and the world. “While the chorus essentially hits the existential worries about whether I’ve utilized myself fully enough during this life, and that I really hope I don’t die alone, the deeper meaning in the song was aimed at us as a human race. The way we’ve been living has been crazy,” Sinead said in an interview with Riff Magazine. “Our carbon footprint, our need to rush around and keep busy, the way in which our governments are handling us, et cetera.”




Aaron Taos

Aaron Taos – Control

This quarantine, the Brooklyn-based indie-rock musician Aaron Taos revived an old song he wrote two years ago, this time remixed with features from Huron John and Lonely God“Sitting here thinkin’ bout society. Do you wanna hear some irony? I don’t like going out. But I don’t wanna stay at home. Laying here thinkin’ bout the things I hate. Staring at a screen til my mind goes blank. It’s the same every day,” he croons over a clappy, indie-rock instrumental. While the lyrics initially referred to his monotonous summer in the suburbs of Connecticut, they have taken on another meaning during quarantine, a time where many of us feel like we have no control over our lives, not even our day-to-day activities, sometimes to the point of it being mind-numbing.





milkydre – Quarantine Blues

Andrea Alexis Juntilla, who performs under the stage name milkydre, is a California-based, indie-r&b artist who first got his start in music as a seven-year-old guitar player. His most recent track “Quarantine Blues” is a pandemic-inspired love song with a comedic twist. Set to a chilled-out electric guitar, he effortlessly moves between yearnful lyrics like “I miss my friends, I miss my crew, I miss even miss going to school / But what I miss most of all is you” and more light-hearted lyrics like “I could be the soap to your hands” and “we could put the US in virus.” Check out his in-house music video below.




Danna Paola

Danna Paola – Contigo

The 25-year-old Mexican pop-diva Danna Paola first got her start as a child-actor in early 2000s telenovelas — since then, blossoming into the chart-topping Mexican pop-diva and star of Netflix’s Elite. Her song “Contigo” is a vibey dance song about yearning for a socially-distanced lover. Sung completely in Spanish, this song has a chorus that roughly translates to “I stay in quarantine if it’s with you, with you / I stay locked if it’s with you, with you / What I want is to dance with you again with you, with you.” “I wrote [this song] for all the people who are away from their loves,” Danna said in an interview. “It’s a hard time, but I made this as a fun dance song. Maybe this can be a song that you send to your crush.” Nice of her to assume we have our crush’s number. 




Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike – Politics & Violence

Dominic Fike is full of surprises. A genre-blending mastermind, the 24-year-old Florida native released not just one, but two songs this quarantine. This musical prodigy first gained notoriety after the release of his debut EP Don’t Forget About Me, Demos in 2018, as well a series of collaborations with BROCKHAMPTON’s Kevin Abstract, and has been on the rise ever since, signing a recording contract with Columbia Records after an intense bidding war between labels. “Politics & Violence,” which was released alongside a cinematic time-lapse of rural Scotland, is the second single off his upcoming debut album set to be released July 31.




Ivy Sole

Ivy Sole – Bittersweet

Philly rapper Ivy Sole refuses to compromise on justice. In her recent single “Bittersweet,” she reflects on the current state of the Black Lives Matter movement. Over a chill, synthwave beat, she delivers rap lines with the cadence of a spoken word poem, celebrating Black resilience in the face of racism while also demanding more to be done: “It’s abolition or bust, you gotta trust me,” and “I don’t wanna have to search for joy, I want my shit plain / I don’t want more silver linings at the edge of my pain” are too standout lines. In her fight for uncompromisable justice, Ivy Sole announced that all proceeds from “Bittersweet” will be given to Black womxn experiencing instability or facing eviction in the NY/NJ/PA area.




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