Piqued Jacks

The latest record by Italy’s own Piqued Jacks is a wall of sound too high to traverse, but we’re not complaining. Today they’re sharing The Living Past, nine tracks of solid production and wit from Tuscany.

“Loner vs Lover” kicks us off strong with the shortest of atmospheric intros that quickly cuts to an orchestra of trance-inducing jams that breathe anthemic energy. That force is carried strong throughout, though takes a slight detour for the slower charm of plucked strings on “Eternal Ride of a Heartful Mind”. It listens like five-minute therapy with a kick – opening the fields for a rush to fresh air that rejuvenates the soul. We are treated to lines of love-inspired wisdom throughout as the band encourage us to opt into second changes and learning from the past.

The Living Past is out on streaming services everywhere, including the Spotify link below. Stay tuned for more info on their supporting tour!