Perfume Genius 1

Waves of abstraction and interpretive motion have been Perfume Genius‘s method of artistic dissemination for years now, and the extra-dimensional brain is treating us to three new videos silently uploaded to YouTube. Following up on last year’s No Shape, his forever-anticipated art is imitating life with that art to bring us vintage footage of old porn flicks with ominous minimalist tones that play along the horizon of these waking dreams.

The trio is introduced by “Jory” a presumably naked muscled man who flexes for the camera with glamorous flair and a ‘doo that could replace an old Mustang engine.


He is followed by “Lulla”, a latexed sax player whose outfit leaves little to the imagination but brings the soul in her playing, which is muted in favor of the score.


Fire-starting vixens close us out with “Onscreen”, charmingly grainy footage of a pool set alight in the darkness. Is this just a taste of things to come? You know the drill.