The musical project of the LA-based newcomer Jeff Fribourg has added to a resurgence in 4AD-styled records, complete with eerily comfortable existential dread.‘s debut record, Goodbye may feel like a conduit to the past with vintage synth accents and droning vocals, but don’t be fooled – this record is on to something. Jeff cut his teeth in local psych outfit Froth, whose fanbase always seem unique to our parts of town. He approaches music as an experiment – the way a photographer works to dial in the proper settings ahead of an ever-changing landscape. Temperature, exposure, speed – these can all stand as analogies to the musician’s endeavor. Time is precious and in high demand, therefore used like the last few beans for tomorrow morning’s cup of coffee.

“Lude” unboxes this precious package of new sounds in a way unheard since Death In June. “Hate” enlists an ominous feminine vocal element, a late addition to the increasingly existential storytelling. “Again” demonstrates a need for speed in the wake of “Numerical Depression” and does not let up. It almost feels like an act of rebellion as it calls out bad choices and destructive points of view.

Goodbye is out now via felte. Listen below.