Egg Men

Members of Turnstile, Krimewatch, Fury & Big Bite are now the Egg Men.

The most punk thing is that, at some level, success sucks—one day you’re playing to your friends in all the clubs you dreamed of and the next moment, you’re carting your ass around the world, hurling your body ruthlessly into frothy moshpits of people you’ll never see again, every second day, that’s what you’re paid to do, jump. C’est la vie for Brendan Yates, the Turnstile frontman whose band’s latest, this February’s Time & Space, was their first for a major label, the same sticker as Slipknot & peak Nickelback. “I know this life so well, what’s life outside the shell?” he chants, curious and then angry, panicking with rage and wanting to go home but can’t anymore, on Egg Men’s first release, running at a tidy minute-thirty-seven that would make D. Boon proud.

The band, not to be confused with Austin Beatles tribute act The Eggmen, brings Yates together with bandmate Dan Fang on drums along with Emma Hendry of NY punks Krimewatch, Alex Samayoa of Cali hardcore act Fury & Allen Trainer of Seattle’s Big Bite. A cross-country consortium the rejiggers Bivouac-era dirt and presses it against a kind of slick whistling refrain that’ll make you feel like Tweety is about to get it. Spin it for days.