As the long days of summer amble by, you might start to find yourself with  more free time on your hands. And maybe a bit of boredom. Our solution? An awesome playlist of new artists who we think are well worth your time and attention. Check out the list below and you may just find your favorite new artists (and those crucial bragging rights that you knew them before they got big).




New Artists - Bartees Strange

Bartees Strange – Mustang

If you get major The National vibes after listening to “Mustang,” you’re not alone. Bartees Strange’s debut Say Goodbye To Pretty Boy EP reimagines five National songs through his own voice and vibe. His newest single “Mustang,” however, is 100% Bartees. This upbeat number has got us wishing we could rock out to it with hundreds of other people dancing around us ASAP.




New Artists - Wesley Joseph

Wesley Joseph – Ghostin’

Everything about Wesley Joseph’s newest single is smooth. From his crisp vocal transitions to singing from rapping, to his perfect mixture of electronic soul dance beats, “Ghostin’” highlights Joseph’s talent as an artist and producer. His repertoire may be small, but he packs a lot into his recently released three singles — “Ghostin,’” “Martyrs and “Imaginary Friends” — mixing soul, hip-hop, electronic and other genres to create songs that still feel unique and fresh. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on him to see what he comes out with next. 




New Artists - daine

Daine – My Way Out

Daine is the real deal. At only 17 years old, she’s already released two angsty pop singles and somehow has made auto-tuned vocals sound both wistful and heartfelt. On “My Way Out,” the Filipino-Australian singer-songwriter reflects on the very real feeling of being all alone at a party, an emotion listeners can’t help but feel connected to. Daine’s honesty and openness in her lyrics makes us feel like we’ve known her for a long time, and leave us eager to hear more. 




Elan Tamara

Elan Tamara – My Eyes

From the start of Elan Tamara‘s “My Eyes”, you know you’re listening to something special. The track gets off to a powerful start thanks to Tamara’s vocals before quickly transitioning into a jazzy percussive number, emblematic of the Afro Cuban and Balinese gamelan music which Elan states inspired the song. The whole effect reminds us of Fiona Apple’sHot Knife,” but Elan Tamara definitely has something exceptional going on.




Gone Til Monday

Gone ‘Til Monday – Feelin’ Bad

Gone ‘Til Monday may be new to the scene but his music feels familiar in the best way possible. His newest single “Feelin’ Bad” gives off early ’00s alt vibes thanks to his plaintive heartsick lyrics about a relationship gone bad. Gone ‘Til Monday, however, puts a special spin on the breakup ballad with a strong hip-hop influence and lyrics that reveal he might already be getting over his lover.




Baby Queen music

Baby Queen – Buzzkill

Baby Queen makes being a buzzkill totally relatable with an addicting pop track and tongue-and-cheek lyrics, which may need to be declared the official anthem of 2020. Her other recent single “Internet Religion” similarly explores the vanity of online culture with satirical lyrics that are both hilarious and a little sad. Luckily, we have two amazing songs by her to make us feel better. Or at least a bit more understood.




JW Francis

JW Francis – New York

JW Francis describes himself as a “lofi bedroom slacker jangle pop musician trying [his] best” and, honestly, that’s pretty spot-on. His latest single “New York” mixes a dreamy bedroom pop sound with an upbeat jangly beat reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian’sPiazza, New York Catcher.” As for being a slacker, we don’t have much to say about that, but we’d like to let JW know that “trying [his] best” is definitely working for us.



Check out our full New Artists Only playlist below:

New Artists Only Tracklisting

Theo Lee – Fireflies
HorrorPrty – To The Sun
CLAYRANGE – Loulan Kingdom
HYPSE – Part Of You
Jacob Steele – Live For Now
FLØRE – Tsunami
fern – Wasting Time
Hunjiya – hourglass
Nicky Sparkles – Give Your Love
Fia Moon – XX
Motorbike James – me Roll
MYSM – Dreams
Ronnie Watts – Sad Summer
Barely Civil – Box For My Organs
august brodie – Playing For Keeps
Mila – Sour
Bestfriend – Last Bus in the A.M.
ASHS – My Ex
Mr. Gnome – Psychonaut
Erin Kirby – Half In Love
Balu Brigada – photographic memory
Duval Timothy – Fall Again
Spencer Zahn – Key Biscayne