The latest video by Los Angeles-based duo MXMS almost watches like found footage. Opening with a screenshot of the LA Times headline about a possibly drowned Aimee McPherson – famous renegade pastor who got her fair share of chaos – video quickly cuts in to get us going. As we follow vocalist Ariel Levan’s walk through the aftermath of chaotic episodes, the darkest of brooding tones surround us, offer a sort of shelter in trying times. Soulful vocals play a game of back and forth between inner voices explaining themselves, leaving us to wonder where the jagged road leads. Our subject is bound to rebound however, as the reports of that famous pastor turned out to be false, foreshadowing not only recovery, but perseverance. We’re in for more from these folks, so stay tuned and watch below.


On the new single, the band write, “The Run” focuses on living in solitude with your demons or vices, embracing them and celebrating them. The stigma for those who are troubled is that most are “running” from obstacles and struggles..for us we run directly into the fire, facing it head on.”