Soulful to the core, Mobley‘s latest single “Selfsame” chugs along like a dance hit for the future. The young artist calls out the nonsense and primes the floor for passionate feet. As we progress, layers of sound unravel and reveal underlying voices and rhythm we weren’t expecting. This one is cut from his forthcoming record, Fresh Lies Vol. I, out April 27th. Stay tuned and listen below.

On the new single, Mobley writes Selfsame is about how young love and heartbreak often seem to give way to a more guarded, transactional, objectifying “romance” if it can be called that. I was thinking about the raw vulnerability of being in love for the first time…and about how the pain that comes when it goes wrong can drive people to hurt their subsequent lovers for fear of being hurt themselves. Or how it can make people look for shortcuts and scripts to follow when they’re trying to recapture that wide-open feeling, but they’re too afraid to expose themselves in that way again.