maude latour

If you want the tl;dr on Maude Latour, you could take a look at her bio

im 19 yrs old
i write songs in my bedroom
new york 5ever

But that would only paint part of the picture. Yes, Maude is young (she’s currently a freshman at Columbia) and is as DIY as they come, but her music is bigger and brilliant than anything you’d expect out of a bedroom. Case in point is her latest track “Superfruit,” a polished but quirky earworm that displays Charli XCX-level pop chops. We’ll leave Maude to tell you what the song’s about…

This song came from a feeling, and I think the song feels exactly like that feeling. It’s partially about being sick of small talk, admitting how lonely I (and everyone feels all the time despite being constantly surrounded by people), but still feeling wonderful. It’s about a crush, it’s about summer. It’s about the feeling of pop rocks and orange juice, a frozen dream of driving down a high way in a car with my ponytail blowing in the wind. It’s about realizing bad guys are overrated and being afraid of death– but it’s all a wonderful feeling: the fact all of this can be true and it can still be summer time. We are so complex, happiness is so special. Superfruit. Yes. I know what it means for me, you can find out what it means to you.

Listen to Maude Latour’s “Superfruit” below.