Matthew Chaim

Almost two years ago Matthew Chaim dropped his debut single Vanilla Ways.. It managed to hit #5 on the Spotify Viral Charts. Three months ago he released a track titled “Focus“, at a time where he decided to quit his full time job and put all of his time and energy into music.

Chaim now returns with another charismatic track produced by Noah Barer and Austin Tecks called “Passion Soda”. This comes as a personal favorite for Chaim off of his forthcoming debut EP Homemade, out soon. Have a listen below.

On the new track, Matthew writes, “I wrote ‘Passion Soda’ – a sonic celebration of doing what you love. It was such a gratifying feeling to put pen to paper once more. I poured that same gratitude into these lyrics, which colourfully painted the already beautiful instrumental canvas that Noah and Austin had built.”