LT Wade

English artist LT Wade is back from the homeland and Lord Auch work to share “We’ll Never Be Those Kids Again”, cut from his forthcoming record out later this month. Opening slowly with gentle layers both thick and thin, the latest single by the long-experienced artist has us reminiscing on those specials who got away – left behind to lost opportunities and regretful moves in opposite directions. Wade’s hands are the only ones involved on this album, from pen to master recording. Needless to say, in this day and age, it’s a breath of fresh air. Listen below.

Transient is out July 27th via Dopeness and is getting an exclusive release show that night at Pianos in NYC. Don’t miss it.

On the new single, LT writes, “The song is a retrospective look back on a young relationship that was deep and meaningful but it never really worked out. It’s an acceptance letter to the other party that things move on and change but that doesn’t mean that their time together was a waste. The relationship still resonates through the memories they made, even though it may now be through rose tinted glasses”