London Plane

VHS footage has come back in a big way, and London Plane can’t ignore a good thing. Their latest video for “Roxanne” watches like a home movie found in a box labeled ’90’s cheese’ and offers the sweetest of subtle new wave fog. This new jam offers more than retro visuals and seduces the senses with hints of post-punk vocal charm and early 2000’s scenester cred. What more could music history snobs ask for? Keep an ear out for their forthcoming debut record, New York Howl, described by the six-piece itself as a ‘love song to New York’.

On their killer debut, David Mosey writes, “Roxanne” is part of the dialogue between Cici and Francis, the young lady whose diary – a treasure trove of dreams, desires, and musings on the struggles of moving to and living in late 70’s / early 80’s New York City – spawned the songs on the album. This one is sung directly to Roxanne / Francis’ ghost; it’s a kind of love song, a “wish you were here” with perhaps a slightly unsettling dose of “wish I was you”.