In the astrological world, September 23 to October 22 is Libra Season — so we curated a Libra Season playlist just for you. Channel your inner Libra with these 15 songs that radiate some serious Libra energy, and keep scrolling for the backstory behind our favorite tracks. 



Nao - Libra Season playlist

Nao – Orbit

Libras find harmony in peace and cooperation, and Nao’s intergalactic R&B song “Orbit” teleports you to that blissful place this zodiac sign craves. In this wonky-funk song, the East London singer-songwriter shows off her otherworldly vocals, enveloping her listeners in the warmth of each line. Using outer space as a metaphor for her past relationship, Nao reflects on how she’s orbiting around a person, unable to release herself from their pull. This is hands down an all around beautiful song, and her live performance of it is even more phenomenal. 




The Peachskins - Libra Season playlist

The Peachskins – Skincare 

Malayasia’s The Peachskins may not be Libras themselves, but the muse of their song “Skincare” just might be one. Libras are all about aesthetics, and that means taking their self-care and personal appearance seriously. This groovy synth-pop song is about a girl who loves (and deserves) to buy expensive products, and the importance of treating her with earrings, Sephora makeup and — most importantly — her favorite skin care serums. 







Angèle – Balance ton quo

If there’s anything Libras are known for, it’s their fearless dedication to justice, their natural affinity to demand change and restore fairness to the universe. Belgian pop star Angèle does exactly that, tackling difficult social issues in her deceptively upbeat pop songs. Her song “Balance ton quo” is a direct response to the #MeToo movement — a denouncement of the sexual harassment and gross acts of misogyny that run rampant in this world, and a giant screw you to any man who has ever disrespected a woman.







Yb – Indecisive

Libras are always weighing their options, thinking of every single possible outcome that may or may not happen. Sometimes, that can get in the way of their relationships — and the up-and-coming r&b singer Yb is no stranger to that feeling. On his sultry R&B song “Indecisive,” he goes back and forth between pursuing the girl that he likes — and the potential that she’ll think he’s a loser versus the chance that they’ll fall madly in love. This kind of uncertainty is too relatable to Libras, and Yb captures that back-and-forth perfectly. 




Summer Salt

Summer Salt – Revvin’ my CJ7

Summer Salt have mastered the indie-rock surfer jam. “Revvin’ my CJ7” is a breezy indie-rock track about self-sacrifice and taking care of loved ones — something that’s relatable to Libras who are very gentle, kind and caring people who will bend over backwards to make sure everyone is happy. In an interview with GoldFlakePaint, the band revealed that the song was an “ode to [one of the bandmates’] dad, a rebel gone family man. He’d do absolutely anything for us, with his only lasting vice being the man who works hard to play hard.”





Victor Internet

UNFAIR – Victor Internet

Every Zodiac sign comes with a symbol that encapsulates their personality, and for the Libra it’s the scale. The only inanimate object of the zodiac signs, this scale represents the balance and fairness that Libra craves in the universe. Up-and-coming bedroom pop star Victor Internet captures this energy in his gloomy bedroom pop song “UNFAIR” — it’s deep, processed vocals and gloomy lo-fi instrumental laments the unfair loss of youth and responsibility, while also trying to come to terms with accepting this change and loving oneself while recognizing its also okay to be sad when you barely even recognize who you are anymore. 





Silver Sphere - Libra season

Silver Sphere – boys r dumb! duh!

While Libras are some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, if you screw them over, they have no shame in holding a grudge. In her upbeat indie-pop song “boys r dumb! duh!” Silver Sphere calls out a guy who led her on, expecting her to just get over it and hangout with him as a normal friend. Her entire debut yikes! EP is full of these kind of Dua-Lipa-style “girl power” bangers, and they’re all worth the listen.


Listen to the full Libra Season playlist below and be sure to follow us on Spotify for more new music recommendations.

Libra Season Playlist Tracklisting

Mitski – Lonesome Love
NNAMDI – Gimme Gimme
The Peachskins – Skincare
Summer Salt – Revvin’ My Cj7
Yb. – Indecisive
Kali Uchis – i want war (BUT I NEED PEACE)
Herrick & Hooley – Validation
St. Vincent – New York
Lana Del Rey – Cruel World
Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?
Angèle – Balance ton quoi
Smino – KLINK
Nao – Orbit
Arlo Parks – Hurt
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Honey
Her’s – Cool with You
Silver Sphere – boys r dumb! duh!
Victor Internet – UNFAIR
offonoff – Overthinking
Wallows – Are You Bored Yet? (Ft. Clairo)
The Smiths – Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now
Joji – Sanctuary
Hotel Ugly – 2ugly