While Pride month may be coming to a close, that’s no reason to stop celebrating the LGBT community. To keep the party going, we’ve compiled a playlist of rising LGBT artists we’ll be listening to all year long. From Shea Diamond and King Princess to Kim Petras and SASAMI, check out some of our favorites below. 




Shea Diamond

Shea Diamond – I Am America

Looking for a patriotic song that’s a bit more appropriate for the modern age? Singer-songwriter and transgender rights activist Shea Diamond has created the perfect Fourth of July anthem in “I Am America.” The single, which you may recognize from HBO’s new series We’re Here, is cheerful and fun, with empowering never-back-down lyrics. Shea also released a celebratory lyric video featuring transgender and gender non-conforming activists dancing and singing along to the track, including writers Alok Vaid-Menon and Jacob Tobia





Wafia – Pick Me

Wafia Al-Rikabi — a queer Australian Muslim singer-songwriter of Iraqi-Syrian origin — may be a lot of things but, as expressed in her new single “Pick Me,” a push-over is not one of them. The upbeat dance pop tune recalls a controlling and turbulent relationship. Through this powerful track and its repeat refrain of “I pick me,” however, Wafia reminds us that she won’t let anyone back her into a corner.




LGBT artists - SASAMI

SASAMI – Mess 

Since leaving Cherry Glazerr in 2018, SASAMI has made quite the name for herself. From the release of great singles like “Callous” and “Take Care” to her 2019 eponymous album SASAMI, the queer singer-songwriter has found an identity as a solo artist, which is in full display on “Mess.” With scratchy guitar riffs and instantly-recognizable smokey vocals, we’re digging this side of SASAMI and hope her tweet about not releasing anything for a while is just because she’s working on new music. 




LGBT Artists - The Aces

The Aces Kelly

We’d be remiss not to include The Aces’ newest single “Kelly” in a playlist celebrating pride. With their new use of gendered pronouns in their lyrics, the single marks an embracing of sisters/bandmates Crystal and Alisa Ramirez’s own queer identities. The band was previously hesitant to use gendered pronouns because of their conservative upbringing as well as pressure from people inside the music industry. Ultimately, the sisters decided to be true to themselves and the result is their high-energy sophomore album Under My Influence, set to be released July 17. 




LGBT Artists - Becca Mancari

Becca Mancari – First Time 

Coming out is often a life-changing experience and, unfortunately for some, it can be a traumatic one. Becca Mancari encapsulates the heartbreak of not being supported by family in “First Time” with one line: “I remember the first time my dad didn’t hug me back.” Mancari’s latest album The Greatest explores her experiences as a queer person with a folksy backbeat and sincere lyrics that shouldn’t be missed. 




LGBT Artists - Randa

Randa – Heatwave 

Rap and funk go pretty well together when done the right way. New Zealand’s Randa flawlessly combines the two genres — and adds some dream pop for good measure — on their newest single “Heatwave.” With a slow surf rock vibe, peppy lyrics and a beat that will almost certainly get you moving, “Heatwave” is going to be a must-play at your next (socially distanced) pool party. 




LGBT Artists - Raveena

Raveena – Headaches

We’re huge fans of Raveena. It’s near impossible to pick a favorite track off her recent Moonstones EP, but today we’re really feeling “Headaches.” The song is best experienced through its music video, which features Raveena and vlogger Hitomi Mochizuki in love in New York. The Queens artist’s classic R&B style is slowed down with psychedelic synths and dreamy lyrics detailing the ups-and-downs of falling in love. Fair warning: you may also fall in love with Raveena after listening.





Surfaces – Learn to Fly (ft. Elton John)

We dare you to listen to “Learn to Fly” and try not to smile. Surfaces joins forces with Pride icon Sir Elton John to create an upbeat joy-filled single, accompanied with one of the cutest music videos we’ve ever seen. Filled with rainbows, a twinkling xylophone and expressions of love, this song fully earns its spot on any Pride playlist. 




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