CLASS OF 2020 is a limited spotlight series that showcases the best emerging talent of the year.

Who Is KennyHoopla?

Name: KennyHoopla
The Cast: Kenneth La’Ron
Hometown: Born in Cleveland, currently living in Wisconsin
Most Likely To Soundtrack: A coming-of-age A24 movie
RIYL: Jean Dawson, Day Wave, daydream Masi — but honestly, KennyHoopla’s genre-agnostic indie vibe is truly its own

KennyHoopla started creating music three years ago in what should now be considered a DIY Big Bang that brought together his artistic passions, from breakdancing to painting to photography. “Something in me kept telling me it was time to make music,” says Kenny, and so KennyHoopla was born. He credits his self-labeled brand of new wave nostalgia to influences like The Drums, Funeral Suits, Common and Teen Suicide.

What Should I Listen To First?

KennyHoopla released his debut how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway?// EP in May 2020 and it is worth the hype. We recommend giving the whole thing a listen, but if you need a place to start hit play on his latest single “plastic door//“.

Meet KennyHoopla.

Where are you right now?

I am in my bed right now doing this interview in Appleton, Wisconsin. In my boxers lol.

What is your favorite drink?

Cold lemonade I’d have to say. Can be homemade or not. As long as it’s good haha.

How about your favorite food?

Stuffed shells I think. My childhood friend’s mom used to make them often. Miss that.

What would be your dream collaboration?

Collab on a pair of shoes with Vans.

You’ve mentioned how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway?// is an introduction to the world of KennyHoopla. What’s the most important thing first-time visitors should know about this world?

This is real. All of this – is real and happening.

Tell us what it was like working with Daywave on “plastic door//” and “sore loser//”.

Surreal, I had been listening to him for so long so it was really crazy to even meet him and THEN MAKE MUSIC too was like “wooahh” lol. We work really fast because we both share the same heart in our music and understand that “World” so it’s always pretty fulfilling and easy flowing

What’s been the best fan response you’ve seen to the new EP on Twitter or Instagram? Any amazing fan art?

It wasn’t like digested so quickly, I think it’s been growing on everyone actually which is beautiful and what I want my music to be like// It has a home in some people. That’s all I could ask for.

We felt strong late ’90s vibes when watching the video for “plastic door//” through that fish eye lens. Do you have any influences you pull from when creating music videos?

I just felt like it was a classic look and also I just grew up skating and shit so the sound of the song really matches with the fisheye x.

What KennyHoopla Is Listening To.

Check out our Class of 2020 playlist below to hear what KennyHoopla has had on repeat lately.

The new EP goes from upbeat ’80s new wave sounds of “thinkingoutloud//” to the heavy-hitting “dust//”. Tell us how you decided the order of your track list.

I tried to introduce the different sonics in a wholesome way, so the end of thinkingoutloud// matches the start of “how will I rip?//” single with the organ in the beginning. The drop gives it just enough of a resemblance of the heaviness of “thinkingoutloud//” kinda thing.

It seems like you spilled your guts on this new EP. Were you nervous to release a specific song or lyric?

DUST// – I think I was nervous for all of it but that’s the job of the artist. I’m supposed to be vulnerable for the people who can’t exactly. A voice. I’m blessed that I put myself out there and people were able to connect with that. I really thank god for that because after they don’t feel alone, I don’t feel alone either.

What inspired the “culture is so claustrophobic” line in “how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway”?

People just want to belong. A lot of people try and pull me out to LA or to other places and I feel like so much people try and be something they aren’t or resembles an energy that isn’t actually them, but it’s a societal pressure.

Being anybody is claustrophobic. Being human – having to have an input on something. I don’t feel like I’m anybody or belong to any group of people. It’s hard to find people who feel like that. Even what I just said is a perfect example. Idk. Becoming anything in this world is suffocating – BEING.

Hoopla is a Spongebob reference. What is your go-to Spongebob meme?

What Fans Are Saying.

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