kendrick lamar

What should I say? I mean what can I say? Last week he reminded us that he is the actual GOAT; for the lames that means greatest of all time. An essential element of the rap game is assessing who that is, at any given moment. Last week, it was Drake, maybe before that Big Sean, and then who knows, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, maybe Eminem. Anyhow what we know as of now, this present moment is that Kendrick Lamar is the greatest. But he’s also the mastermind behind “Humble” the club, trap, house (yeah I know that’s not what you were thinking), and basically the west coast anthem of the season, and maybe a lifetime. Kendrick Lamar entered the legendary column with “To Pimp A Butterfly.” “Humble” is merely a reminder and a place holder, a new track to memorize and edify. What did you need from Kendrick? Was it an admission that he’s too rich, too right, too fucking on point. Well that’s what this divine track and video from him and Dave Free delivers. A reminder, a warning, a piece of prophecy, this man is nothing less than chosen. The new album will appear and destroy us on April 7th via TDE