EODM by Justin Bieggar
Eagles of Death Metal at Beach Goth 4, 2015 | Photo by Justin Bieggar

Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes took to Instagram today to issue an apology for his recent “mean-spirited and personal attack” on the March For Our Lives movement. An avid Second Amendment advocate and terrorism survivor, he quickly lashed out at the movement which is fighting for more sensible regulation, writing “May everyone of these disgusting vile abusers of the dead live as long as possible so they can have the maximum amount of time to endure their shame.. and be Cursed.”. Unfortunately, Father Badass was one of many to fall into the trap of reactionary rants that fail to divine the true message of well-intentioned people, namely fellow victims of modern atrocities.

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Hughes is no stranger to controversy, especially around this subject. Since surviving 2016’s terrorist attack at Bataclan in Paris, he took to social media to criticize France’s strict gun laws as well as the security of the venue itself, even suggesting the massacre that claimed 89 lives was an inside job. More recently under his moniker Boots Electric, he led a bill at Hi Hat in Los Angeles which featured a controversial Portland band whose name, Black Pussy, has been a magnet for criticism and forced the entire show to be relocated to Redwood Bar after heavy pressure from social media. Nevertheless, public apologies have a way of calming these tumultuous seas. Hopefully Hughes’ most recent will be taken to heart.