Jane In Space

Electro-industrial duo Jane In Space are a force one might call Chaotic-Good. Today, they’re introducing their sophomore full-length with erratic radio transmissions from an unknown dimension.

“Little Raurus” shakes our hands with determined strength and establishes intent from the jump. We’re set for a journey for which none can prepare too carefully. Images of horror are juxtaposed with sporadic and tranquil memories of adolescence on “Full Stop”, a somewhat unconventional break in the environment as our strong start begins to taper. “Breaking Glass” levels out the energy spikes and brings us back to a level playing field, while somewhere in the distance a new road takes shape. The first half was just to test our waters and, with an unspoken green light, the band proceed with a paved path forward. “Gorerunner”, title track of this behemoth release, keeps us just at the edge with the classic pulsing of electronica’s dark side with requisite keys that keep the tone in a pleasant midrange. Closing us out is “Through The Vines”, an openly alternative number to bring it all home. Anthemic shouts break through fuzz from the coupling of strings and synths and return us to ground zero like a benevolent UFO. What we’re hearing is only six tracks, but don’t let that fool you – what the duo have managed to accomplish in this time is no small feat. When the ships land, this will be our greeting. Stream below.

Gorerunner is out July 13th, and the band will be playing a release show at NYC’s Mercury Lounge on the 14th. If you’re in the neighborhood, do Friday night right.