In celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day, we’ve curated a playlist of 25 indigenous artists across a wide range of cultures and genres. Give these songs a listen and keep reading for the rundown on our favorite tracks.



Mato - Indigenous Artists

Mato – Beeswax

Born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Mato Wayuhi is a Lakota musician, filmmaker and spoken word artist with an affinity for intimate stories that tackle personal identity, creative expression and racial expectations. His song “Beeswax” is a woozy hip-hop song off his debut album Part-Time Indian about pursuing your dreams even if they don’t fit into conventionally accepted paths – thinking through how actualizing his dreams relates to his experiences of loneliness, intergenerational trauma, and cultural heritage.





Black Belt Eagle Scout - Indigenous Artists

Black Belt Eagle Scout – Soft Stud

Black Belt Eagle Scout is the recording project of Katherine Paul, a Portland-based indie rock musician and radical indigenous queer feminist. She first released her debut album Mother of my Children in September 2018 and has since then attracted attention from major music magazines and even received the title “Best Rock Album of 2018” by Pitchfork.

Growing up on the Swinomish Indian Reservation in Washington, she was constantly surrounded by music from a young age. As a baby, her father cooed her to sleep with native chants. As an adolescent, she learned to play piano, guitar and drums; and when she grew older, the music of powwows and the songs of her grandfather and grandmother held a special place in her heart.

Ultimately, Katherine she seeks to elevate other Native voices through her music, which she considers an extension of her identity. In the case of “Soft Stud,” the yearnful rock song is a reflection on the complications of a queer open relationship. The song engulfs you in gritty electric guitar and beautifully soft lyrics about the pain and jealousy of loving someone who is already taken.





A Tribe Called Red

A Tribe Called Red – Electric Pow Wow Drum

A Tribe Called Red is a genre-bending Canadian electronic music group that fuses hip-hop, dance music, reggae, dubstep and First Nations music traditions like vocal chanting and drumming into their songs. Composed of DJs Bear Witness of Cayuga First Nation and Tim “2oolman” Hill, Mohawk, of the Six Nations of the Grand River, the group officially debuted in 2012 with their self-titled full-length album.

Their track “Electric Pow Wow Drum” forever transformed the electronic music scene. A phenomenal combination of electric dubstep and traditional throat singing, drumming and chanting, there is no doubt this song will get you up and dancing. 





Mariee Sioux

Mariee Sioux – Wizard Flurry Home

It’s easy to get lost in Mariee Sioux‘s wistful voice. Every one of her folk songs has a whimsical quality to it – a delicacy to her acoustic fingerpicking and soft potency to her vocals that is almost medicinal. A staple of the California folk scene since her 2008 debut album Faces in the Rocks, Marie Sioux’ music career began from what she describes in an interview with Bandcamp a “hungry place, where I wanted to reconnect with something deeper in my bloodline. I wanted to feel more connected to my people, and my heritage that had seemed to have vanished from our line.”

Her song “Wizard Flurry Home” is enchantingly beautiful and feels like floating on a cloud through a country meadow, the mystical flute guiding you to a safe haven. This feeling of safety, warmth, and understanding permeates throughout the rest of her discography too.





Sebastian Gaskin

Sebastian Gaskin – False Nostalgia

Falling stylistically  between Post Malone and The Weeknd, Sebastian Gaskin is an up-and-coming contemporary R&B artist based in Canada from the Tataskweyak Cree Nation (a.k.a “Split Late”). The king of late night thoughts, there is a special intimateness to each one of Sebastian’s songs, especially when it comes to romance.

“False Nostalgia” is an upbeat R&B track about longing for a past relationship with a lover while simultaneously knowing that those past feelings of happiness are unattainable now, or even worse, they may have been an illusion the entire time. Painfully relatable, this is song is sure to evoke some past memories from your own life.





Lido Pimienta

Lido Pimienta – Nada

Lido Pimienta is a queer Afro-Indigeneous, Canadian-Colombian singer with an otherworldly voice. Her 2016 album, La Papessa, won the $50,000 2017 Polaris Music Prize, propelling her into the public eye; and then, this year she released her second album Miss Colombia featuring eleven genre-bending tracks.

In particular her song “Nada” stands out. It is a folksy-pop collaboration with Li Samuet, and at its core is about motherhood and death – its lyrics encompassing both the pain and beauty of bringing human life into this world. “I wrote the song “Nada” after I gave birth to the baby because of the hole that is left after birth,” explained Lido in an interview with Adhoc. “It’s very painful. I always think that my baby gave me that song. I hear the song and I think “I don’t even know how I wrote that.”





Indigenous Artists - Mourning Coup

Mourning Coup – Baby Blue

Mourning Coup is the experimental pop project of Chandra Melting Tallow, a Vancouver-based musician and visual artist of mixed ancestry from the Siksika Nation. Reminiscent of Björk, she blends the harsher elements of industrial dance music with the softer parts of synth-pop.

“Baby Blue” is a chilled-out electronic pop song with hauntingly textured folk vocals off her debut album that she wrote while processing the effects of intergenerational trauma. The track has an hypnotic, celestial atmosphere to it, eerily visceral with lyrics that longingly crying out for something greater. Chanda is seriously underrated and deserves way more hype, so be sure to check her out. 




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Indigenous Artists Playlist Tracklisting

A Tribe Called Red – Electric Pow Wow Drum
Pura Fé – Mohomoneh
Mourning Coup – Baby Blue
nêhiyawak – somnambulist
Shining Soul – Good Times
Tanya Tagaq – Caribou
Sainkho Namtchylak – Naked Spirit
John Angaiak – I’ll Rock You to the Rhythm of the Ocean
iskwe – Soldier
Sebastian Gaskin – False Nostalgia
Silla and Rise – Soft
The Jerry Cans – Atauttikkut
Black Bear – Valley Girls
Black Belt Eagle Scout – Soft Stuf
Mato – Beeswax
Sharon Burch – Brother Warrior
Mariee Sioux – Wizard Flurry Home
Alela Diane – Émigré
Yonatan Gat – Casino Café
Supaman – Best Friend
Inez Jasper – Fallen Soldier (Feat. Fawn Wood)
JB the First Lady – Front Lines
Renata Flores – Tijeras
Lido Pimienta – Nada