Join us in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with these fifty songs performed by Hispanic artists across the globe. From psychedelic indie rock to experimental dream pop, there’s something on this playlist for everyone. Give each song a listen below, and keep reading to learn more about our favorite tracks. 


YENDRY - Hispanic Artists

YEИDRY – Nena 

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Italy, the 24-year-old singer songwriter Yendry Fiorentino seamlessly blends ’90s R&B pop, traditional Latin music and electronic pop. Her song “NENA” is a funky ballad about intergenerational sacrifice and unconditional love. In an interview with OnesToWatch, she expands upon the song’s meaning: “Many immigrant mothers leave their children to go find better opportunities; but while they may end up missing special years of motherhood, it’s because they’re trying to be the best parent they can be, working hard for their child’s future. ‘NENA’ is about a mother sending her daughter a blessing from afar.”





El Zar - Hispanic Artists


The Argentinian indie-pop duo El Zar, composed of Facundo Castaño Montoya and Pablo Gimenez, just released their second single off the band’s soon-to-be-released third studio album. “PELÍCULA” is a dreamy ballad set to an innocently soft acoustic guitar that uses the metaphor of a “pelicula” or “movie” to question the authenticity of newly emerged feelings of love.





The Marías - Hispanic Artists

The Marías – Over The Moon 

No matter the song, The Marías never miss. Led by Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Maria Zardoya and Los Angeles drummer Josh Conaway, every single one of their psychedelic shoegaze tunes has an otherworldly quality to them. Their classic track “Over the Moon” is no exception. A romantic dreampop song complete with a jazzy lounge instrumentals and reverb-heavy vocals, Maria and Josh navigate the weird inbetweens and uncertainties of a new relationship — questioning whether or not you should allow yourself to fall completely in love with the person of your desires.





Nick Hakim - Hispanic Artists

Nick Hakim – QADIR

Raised in Washington D.C. by a Chilean mother and Peruvian father, Nick Hakim was exposed to a diverse range of music throughout his life, with anything from soul to hip-hop to go-go and folk music playing in his home influencing his own eclectic sound. “QADIR” is one of the most hauntingly beautiful singles off of Nick’s sophomore album WILL THIS MAKE ME GOOD. The song, which was named after his late friend Qadir Imhotep West who passed away in 2018 at age 25, captures the complexities of death, of loss, of being kind — of feeling like you’re sinking and shrinking into a situation that’s out of your control — every single lyric of this song packing reaching your soul.





Sunny Tali

Sunny Tali – Am I One Of Them?

Daniel Estrada, otherwise known as Sunny Tali, is a genre-bending musician from El Salvador. Now based in Miami, Daniel fuses ambient rock, tropical pop and dreamy jazz rhythms into psychedelic sound of his own. “Am I One Of Them?” is an upbeat, surrealist pop song that laments the meaninglessness of personal appearance — while also capturing that anxiety that we may fall into the trap of obsessing over aesthetics even if we say we don’t care about them.





Elsa y Elmar

Elsa y Elmar – Millennials 

Elsa y Elmar is the music project of rising Colombian pop singer Elsa Carvajal.  In an interview with Colombia’s W Radio, Carvajal explained the meaning behind her stage name: she preferred to perform with bandmates rather than as a solo act, and the people who surrounded her and supported her music were her “sea” (“el mar”).  In 2019 she released her second album Eres Diamante, which she has described as an album that’s about “the process of breaking and emerging with a better sense of self.” In particular, her song “Millennial,” stands out as an ethereal synth-pop tune with an industrial dance beat and storytelling that transcends language barriers. 






Entrópica – Formas

Chilean artist Entrópica started her musical career in 2013 with a self-titled EP and has since become an outstanding presence in the Latin pop music community thanks to her experimental albums, gender-nonconforming presence, unique fashion and cinematic music videos. Her song “Formas” is a synth-pop masterpiece, complete with dreamy vocals and a funky beat that makes you want to dance.


Listen to the full playlist of Hispanic artists you need to know below, and be sure to follow us on Spotify for the best new tracks.

50 Hispanic Artists You Need To Know Tracklisting

ROSALÍA – MALAMENTE – Cap.1: Augurio
Elsa y Elmar – Millenials
Fer Casillas, Juan Pablo Vega – Quédate
Omar Apollo – Kamikaze
Rich Vagos, Samantha Barrón – Dibújame
Rubio – Seres Invisibles
Fanny Leona – Cola Love
Chicano Batman – Invisible People
Daniela Andrade – Genesis
Salt Cathedral – Te Quiero Olvidar
duendita – One of One
CERO39, Mula – Hipnótico
Cuco – Lover Is a Day
Empress Of – Maybe This Time
Las Ligas Menores – Renault Fuego
ionse – Isla
Entrópica – Formas
Helado Negro – Running
Arca – No Queda Nada
Nick Hakim – QADIR
marcos g – dancefloor
Kali Uchis, Rico Nasty – Aquí Yo Mando
VANZA – Túnel
Cascabeles – Las Olas
The Crayolas – 1978
J Balvin, Tainy, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny – UN DIA
El Culto Casero – Humedad
Tei Shi – Bassically
Cardi B, Bad Bunny, J Balvin – I Like It
Princess Nokia, Onyx Collective, OSHUN – Sunday Best
Rels B – Cuando Quieras
Ximena Sariñana – Una Vez Más
Carrot – Liviano
J Balvin – Negro
Sunny Tali – Am I One of Them?
Carlota – Sin mí
Katzù Oso – Pastel
Outsiders – Sucker for Love
Cienfue – Life in the Tropics
maye – Tú
Vanessa Zamora – PSILOCIBINA
niniö ayer – Flotando
Jósean Log – Beso
FEGA – Te Confieso
Xato – Natura