Our 2021 All Things Go Music Festival line-up features artists who have collectively produced hundreds of songs, many of which have taken the world by storm in the past several years. While all of these incredible songs deserve the hype, we wanted to shine light on the hidden gems in each of these artist’s discographies. Check out the following tracks and keep reading to get excited before the festival.

HAIM - Hidden Gems

Haim – Leaning on You

Off of their most recent album, HAIM’s Leaning on You is a track detailing, as the band said during a listening party, finding someone who supports you 100% of the time and doesn’t want to change you. Alanna Haim described the song as being “about when you find that person that really uplifts you and finds everything that you do to be incredible and interesting and supports you” and how beautiful that occurrence is.




St Vincent - Hidden Gems

St. Vincent – What Me Worry

This track off of St. Vincent’s Marry Me album from 2007 concludes the record and showcases St. Vincent’s impressive range and jazz influences. Fans have described the track as having Billie Holiday influences as well as being the “perfect end to a perfect album.”. The quality of this track being as good as St. Vincent’s recent releases are an example of her impressive musicianship, and the prose highlights her impeccable writing ability. Listen to this track on a rainy day, when needing to calm down, or even as a lullaby of sorts.




Charli XCX - Hidden Gems

Charli XCX – Thoughts

Off her hit third studio album Charli, Charli XCX described “Thoughts” as her favorite solo song on the album, describing it as “just a spiral of thoughts”, written when she couldn’t focus. The track highlights Charli’s lower and upper registers and includes some improvised elements and some prewritten ones, and as with the entire album has excellent production quality.




Lauv – Sweatpants

Lauv’s 2020 album ~how i’m feeling~ was without a doubt a major commercial success. The track “Sweatpants” is a solo song on the album, and highlights the artist’s vocal range and simple yet effective beats. The track deals with the theme of how the artist gets by without the girl who’s left his life. If you like softer tracks then this is one of Lauv’s that is a must-listen.




girl in red - Hidden Gems

girl in red – .

girl in red’s most recent album, if i could make it go quiet has no skips. Her track “.” describes the feelings after heartbreak, and is a raw and honest description of life after a breakup. As with her entire discography, much of the power and impact behind the track lies in her honesty, the lyrics discussing how her heartbreak is in part due to her actions and emotional distance. 





While the world is currently abuzz with the release of Cautious Clay’s recent studio album, his 2019 release Table of Context has equally incredible tracks, including the closing song “SOMETHING FOR NOTHING.” The song has dreamy musicality and warm and impactful vocals. Clay describes the record as dealing with the themes of “Purpose and Happiness” and how the two can or cannot be related. 




Beach Bunny - Hidden Gems

Beach Bunny – Greetings from California

Before their jump to the spotlight, Beach Bunny’s 2016 EP Animalism was released and remains one of my favorite releases from the band. The EP is more subdued than recent releases, and “Greetings From California” highlights lead singer Lili Trifilio’s voice. The raw emotions in “Greetings from California” make this a must-listen from the Chicago band.




Soccer Mommy - Hidden GemsSoccer Mommy – Inside Out

Soccer Mommy’s “Inside Out” comes off of her 2016 album For Young Hearts and dives deep into the denial of  her true feelings about a relationship. At just over five minutes in length, it’s a slow burning track and uses her signature soft yet powerful voice. 




Gus Dapperton – Amadelle with Love

Off his 2018 EP You Think You’re a Comic, “Amadelle with Love” uses heavy synth elements and is a perfect song to add to your dance playlist. “Amadelle with Love” is an incredible addition to the bedroom pop genre and his discography as a whole, and the entire EP is a must-listen.




Tai Verdes - Hidden Gems

Tai Verdes – Happy til it Hurts

Every song from Tai Verdes’s debut album exemplifies his addictive vocals and ability to write infectious melodies. “Happy til it Hurts” deals with themes of depression and highlights his lyricism and vocal range while still having that ‘gets-stuck-in-your-head’ quality that Verdes is known for. 




role model - Hidden Gems

ROLE MODEL – super model

“super model” comes off of Role Model’s 2017 EP Arizona in the Summertime and uses dreamy guitar and drums to mix perfectly with his smooth vocals to create an atmospheric song discussing the life of a supermodel. If you’re a fan of Role Model’s “notice me” than this song will also be right up your alley, using similar vocal styles. 




Blu DeTiger - Hidden Gems

Blu DeTiger – Night Shade

DeTiger’s debut album How Did We Get Here has been a major success, with each song highlighting the danceability of her beats and lyrics. “Night Shade” maintains those qualities while using a softness similar to her major hit “Cotton Candy Lemonade.” While DeTiger’s initial success started from TikTok, songs like “Night Shade” demonstrate her raw talent and ability to make it in the music industry beyond her initial virality.




Tkay Maidza - Hidden Gems

Tkay Maidza – Monochrome

“Monochrome” comes off of Maidza’s first album, Tkay, released in 2016. The record and song mix EDM beats with rap, and is the perfect song to add to any dance playlist. As Tkay Maidza has moved from electro-pop to a softer sound in recent years, the electronic roots still hit just as hard. 




Del Water Gap - Hidden Gems

Del Water Gap – Vanessa

Off of the 1(646)9432647 EP, of which “High Tops” is the most well known, Del Water Gap includes the song “Vanessa” as the opening track to the record. The song highlights both his incredible musicality and powerful lyrics about wanting to end a relationship no longer serving you despite still being in love.




Jelani Aryeh - Hidden Gems

Jelani Aryeh – Monterey

“Monterey” is the final song off of Aryeh’s 2019 album Helvetica, and highlights Jelani’s clever lyricism and melodic strengths. Discussing the feelings post heartbreak when he hasn’t spoken to his ex in several weeks, the entirety of the album dives into the issues Aryeh is facing beyond what fans see on the surface, and the soothing vocals on “Monterey” are a crucial listen to fans of the artist.




Isaac Dunbar - Hidden Gems

Isaac Dunbar – boy

Named in honor of the singer-songwriters fanbase, Isaac Dunbar’s track “boy” was  released during quarantine when he was only 17. Dunbar’s lyricism and the themes highlighted are sophisticated and feature a mixture of different genres. “boy” uses electric guitar and is a must-listen if you like his song “love, or lack thereof.”

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