The latest by rising pop phenom HANSSØN has a tight grip on reality. She has been building herself in the New York scene for the past few years, creating a steady buzz around a niche and demonstrating a lifetime of musical prowess. This single enlists the work of famed producer David Sisko, who ensures HANSSØN’S vision is truly portrayed. Her forthcoming EP, Colours Of The Fall, is out this summer. Stay tuned and listen below.

On the new single, HANSSØN writes, “I went through a kind of relationship breakdown in 2015, but I didn’t recognize that it was happening because it was over a period of time, and it took some time to really connect the dots. They were guilting me and making demands that really didn’t suit me, I was jumping through hoops just to keep them happy but I wasn’t. When it was finally over, I wanted to get rid of everything that we had together. All the memories and photos and things. I wanted to burn it all down.”