No. 6

CLASS OF 2020 is a limited spotlight series that showcases the best emerging talent of the year.

Who Is Gus Dapperton?

Name: Gus Dapperton / Brendan Patrick Rice 
Hometown: Warwick, New York 
RIYL: BENEE, Still Woozy, The Marias, Jakob Ogawa, Tame Impala, Mac Demarco
Most Likely To Soundtrack:  A psychedelic ’80s sci-fi movie, vintage thrift shop, or retro skate rink. 

Everything about Gus Dapperton is fantastically surreal. From his colorful wardrobe and signature bowl cut to his ‘90s-influenced, woozy dream-pop and cinematic music videos, Gus is just as much a visual artist as a musician. His eclectic genius radiates throughout every one of his creative projects.


While Gus first began his music career producing hip-hop beats for his friends in upstate New York, his sound has since then evolved into his own both sonically and lyrically. Groovy, synth-heavy bops with vivid lyricism, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter draws on his personal experiences in his music, especially in his upcoming album Orca. He wrote this sophomore album during his 2018 tour when he was grappling with homesickness and depression.  

“I’m a huge advocate for putting myself in vulnerable positions in my music,” Gus admits, adding that confronting these feelings “was a chance to be open [with himself] that I was afraid of.”

What Should I Listen To First?

Last year Gus Dapperton released his debut studio album, Where Polly People Go to Read and most recently came out with two new singles — “First Aid” and “Post Humorous” — to kick off the cycle for his sophomore album Orca (out September 18th). We recommend taking a listen to these tunes, as well as a few throwbacks from 2017 — “I’m Just Snacking” and “Prune, You Talk Funny” — to see how much his sound has evolved.

Meet Gus Dapperton.

Where are you right now? 

In my home studio in NYC sitting in front of my computer.

What is your favorite drink? 

My favorite drink is just a black americano but I can only have one a day. My favorite alcoholic beverage is a whiskey ginger which I can have more of.

What is your favorite food/meal/dish? 

My favorite dish is ramen. I tend to get ramen from Ichiran a lot cus i live right near one and that’s usually a safe bet.

What would be your dream collaboration? 

Gregg alexander.

Who will play you in the movie about your life? 

They probably weren’t born yet honestly that could be quite awhile from now.

Screenshot your “Recently Played” on Spotify.

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What Gus Dapperton Is Listening To.

Check out our Class of 2020 playlist below to hear what Gus has had on repeat lately.

You mentioned that your new music marks a shift from writing from your head to writing with your heart. Can you describe this new vibe?

Yes just less thinking and more spontaneous release. I was writing about more serious topics of imbalance and unstable tendencies in my life. It’s a lot more raw in terms of lyrical content, production, and instrumentation.

Your debut album chronicled the previous year of your life. Can we expect a similar approach to your sophomore album?

No it’s less chronological and more of a concept album. Each song is an unresolved journey of despair with glimpses of hope.

What’s your favorite part about working so closely with your sister Amadelle?

We really have an undeniable connection when it comes to music. We’re always thinking the same thing. Part of the reason she’s on so much of this album is to make the songs even more personal to me. She has seen me in my darkest hours which is what i reflect on in this album and it’s only right that her voice is also heard.

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