Marie Ulven Ringheim, otherwise known as girl in red, is an artist you need to know in 2020. Cherished for her “bedroom pop anthems” about queer love, the Norweigan singer-songwriter has become a bit of an LBGTQ+ icon, especially on TikTok where the phrase “Do you listen to a girl in red?” arose as a way for women to ask other women “Are you attracted to girls?” 

Just a few days ago, Marie released her third single of the year “Rue,” and it totally rocks. So whether you’re a new fan or long-time stan like us, here’s a list of 10 other artists you need to listen to.



Wallows – Are You Bored Yet? (Feat. Clairo)

If you love girl in red’s ability to sing about both the good and the bad of relationships,  “Are You Bored Yet?” by Wallows “Are You Bored Yet?” is the song for you. The song deals with the discomfort of trying to answer the perennial question which exists in all relationships — Where is this going? — while still providing a catchy and uplifting beat. 





Mallrat – Circles (feat. Fossa Beats)

Mallrat and girl in red both share the uncanny ability to set a specific scene in a song. While girl in red’s “we fell in love in october” paints the image of a perfect autumn day, Mallrat’s  “Circles” feels like a late-night drive home on a cool evening. For that reason, it’s only appropriate that this song is featured on Mallrat’s album Driving Music. Take a listen to“Circles” and lose yourself in the crisp beat and smooth fusion of rap and pop vocals.





Tennis – Echoes

“Echos” by Tennis by made the list because both Alaina Moore and girl in red share an honest plaintiveness to their vocals. “Echoes” in particular embodies that as the song’s lyrics were inspired by a tragic stage of Moore and her husband / bandmate Patrick Riley’s marriage where they battled sickness and dealt with the death of relatives. The grief and sadness definitely comes through in this song, making it that much stronger.





mxmtoon – Bon Iver

If you enjoy girl in red’s carefree and airy quality to her music, we highly recommend listening to mxmtoon’s “Bon Iver.” There’s something about both artists that makes us want to put on a sundress and go sit in a sunlit field of sunflowers. What, that’s just us? Well regardless, it’s hard to listen to “Bon Iver” without feeling just a bit lighter.





First Aid Kit – On the Road Again

There is a folksy quality to girl in red’s style that reminds us of First Aid Kit. The Swedish sisters recently released a cover of Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again”, which spotlights their unrivaled harmonizing skills. Listen to it alongside girl in red’s song “Midnight Love” and you’ll hear what we mean.





chloe moriondo – I Want to Be With You

Before COVID-19 put an end to all concerts, girl in red actually asked chloe moriondo to open for her back in April. And it makes total sense. Chloe’s music has so much in common girl in red’s, namely raw, honest lyrics and bangin’ percussion that really bring out the feels. In “I Want to Be With You,” Chloe combines these elements into the perfect song to sing along to when you’re feeling so in love it hurts.





Maggie Rogers – Say It

There’s a reason why girl in red released a cover of Maggie Rogers “Say It” on Spotify Sessions. Both artists have strong earthy vocals which they often combine with dream pop instrumentals, creating a uniquely powerful sound that we love. girl in red even acknowledged on Instagram how Rogers’ song helped put her own feelings into words and understand herself. Maggie Rogers’ songs definitely tend to do that, and we love hearing a crossover from these two amazing artists. 





Tessa Violet – Crush

Ugh, why is it so hard to act normal around a crush? Tessa Violet effortlessly captures this awkwardness on “Crush,” a song that’s about all the classic things someone does when they like someone: overthinking, not being able to focus, and just generally not being able to keep it cool. Just like girl in red, Violet has no shame in keeping it real in her songs.





Conan Gray – Heather

Do you vibe with girl in red’s lyrics about loving someone from afar? (And yes, we’re thinking about “i wanna be your girlfriend.”) If so,  we recommend Conan Grays “Heather.” The song, which follows a love triangle between Gray, an unnamed crush, and that crush’s relationship with the titular Heather, certainly tugs on the heartstrings. Both artists know how to capture the angst of loving someone who doesn’t know it. Just be prepared for some major heartache after listening.





Cavetown – Sweet Tooth

If you’re looking for a cross between Radiohead and Hellogoodbye, take a listen to Cavetown. From his earlier, love-torn ukulele hits like “This Is Home” to his grungier tracks like Sweet Tooth,” much like girl in red, Cavetown never fails to provide relatable songs about love and other strong feelings.




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