With two years in the making, Géographer‘s single “Alone Together” leads us into his forthcoming EP. Introducing itself with a slow churn, this single adds layer upon layer with expert precision and clear passion for the electropop scene in its entirety. Under this moniker, self-educated producer Michael Deni has demonstrated DIY ethic in its truest form — finding his instrument on the street, tinkering away until his emotional storytelling matched, as well as personally handing out fliers and apparently lying to promoters about his pull. The joke is once again on them, considering Géographer’s inherent magnetic force for greatness.

His forthcoming EP, Alone Time, is out April 13th

On his new single, Michael writes “The phrase “alone together” is so unwittingly poignant. It acknowledges the solitary nature of existence, and that all we really want is to be alone in the company of another isolated individual for comfort. It’s a very simple, bittersweet thing to say to someone. Many of my songs begin because I have something I don’t have the nerve to say to someone, so I write it into a song, with no intention of ever showing it to them, but just because a song is a perfect way to say something, and a text message is not. So at the end of a night of writing countless idiotic versions of the latter, I put down my phone and wrote this song.”