frank ocean jay z tyler the creator biking

Karma is real. It’s cosmic because energy is never lost only transformed. “Biking” is an offering about something so simple, yet so universal. Yes karma, but also the cyclical nature of our timelines. If anyone knows it’s the man who opens the track, Jay Z, a king pin from the Marcy Projects, here to support Frank Ocean, who also brings on his brother Tyler, the Creator for a guest verse.

We win, we lose, we have to deal with growing, getting older, navigating whether on bike in L.A. or through those treacherous twenties in this treacherous day and age. “God gave you what you can handle, I got the grip like a handle and I’m biking.” Frank Ocean has been singled out for awhile for behaving oddly or conversely far too human. After his initial success everyone wondered what happened to that sweet Channel Orange boy. Why isn’t he releasing albums, touring, letting us feast on him. Why does he need time and space to be, to figure himself out, to make music?

Yet we’ve all been young, and though we might not be artists of his caliber, we understand what its like to be a twenty-something attempting to forge an identity, an authentic sense of self. It’s a constant cycle, like the planets. Like karma. Like biking.