It’s officially autumn, and you know what that means: We’ve curated a new playlist for the new season. From experimental Latin pop to eerie glitch-trap, these 50 songs will give you major Fall vibes all year round.



Fall Vibes - Jae Deco

1. Jae Deco – The Art Museum

From his soulful lyrics to his neon-lit music videos, everything about Jae Deco radiates artistic genius. Based in Chicago, the up-and-coming musician creates immersive audio-visual experiences and infectious pop tunes. Most recently, Jae released double-single “ARTificial,” which explores his experiences with classical art and his trips to the art museum.

In an exclusive ATG interview, Jae Deco spoke on the meaning behind the song: “The Art Museum” is an inner dialogue that I’ve had while on dates at The Art Institute of Chicago. I’ve been on quite a few first dates there and most of the time I find myself so inspired by the art. The pieces at museums get me all romantic in a way that feels like love, but the people I’ve gone on dates with there never seem to meet the standards that the museum sets. This song is about getting lost in my romantic fantasy of art whilst dealing with an unrealized fantasy in the real world.” 





Fall Vibes - Izzy Camina
Photo by Coughs

2. Izzy Camina – Kill Your Local Indie Softboy

What’s more dangerous than your traditional fuckboy? Your local indie softboy. Izzy Camina, New Jersey’s latest emerging indie pop-star, makes that clear in her comedic (but critical) song “Kill Your Local Indie Softboy.” On the surface, this song is dream-pop at it’s finest, complete with atmospheric synths and ethereal/reverb-soaked vocals. But listen a little closer and the lyrics make a poignant critique of the “indie softboy” trope: a boy who thinks he’s not like the other guys because he doesn’t like “mainstream” music, makes shitty bedroom pop and cuffs his jeans to show off his artsy socks — when in reality he’s just like everyone else.  

“I wrote this song in Spring 2017 as a joke, obviously,” Izzy explains in an interview with CLASH. “In New Jersey where I’m from, guys like to vape and go to car meets, or maybe they watch Joe Rogan and go to sports bars. Either way; plucky, bright-eyed, and very single me was not prepared for this new phenomenon of softboyism I would shortly encounter upon moving to East London.”





Fall Vibes - Blood Orange
Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images, Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

3. Blood Orange & 박혜진 Park Hye Jin – CALL ME (Freestyle)

Over the past decade, Blood Orange and Park Hye Jin have both paved impressive careers for themselves. Raised in England, Devonte Hynes began his music journey in the punk scene as a band member of Test Icicles, before transitioning to a solo career in groovy R&B-pop in 2011 as Blood Orange, eventually collaborating with artists like FKA Twigs, Solange and A$AP Rocky. Similarly, Park Hye got her start abroad. Originally born in South Korea, the 26-year-old rapper, singer, DJ and producer, now based in LA, has released two phenomenal albums full of dream house, techno club songs and hypnotic raps.

Together, Park and Devonte produced a remix of Park’s original song “CALL ME” from her 2018 EP IF YOU WANT, taking the song to another level. In this one-of-a kind track, Devonte alternates between soothing R&B hooks and fuzzy, hyper processed glitch verses, before transitioning into a hypnotic Korean rap set to an atmospheric lo-fi beat and piano.





Yale band Sargasso

4. Sargasso – Sacred Plums 

The project of four Yale students — Maria Campos Saadi, Thomas Hagen, Soledad Tejada, and Noah Goodman — Sargasso blends alternative rock, electro and contemporary indie into a sound of their own. Their latest single “Sacred Plums” is a somber, shoegaze song with vulnerable lyrics that reflect on the way we choose to view past events.

In an interview with Keep Walking Music, Soledad said that “This song was inspired by how we choose to relate to the past. I was thinking about a past relationship, reckoning with the active role I played in remembering it, and the complexity of seeing it as something both valuable and painful. We really leaned into the moodiness of the song, turning it into something dramatic and cathartic.”






5. Rubio – Seres Invisibles

A renowned Chilean drummer, producer, and front-woman of the experimental music project RUBIO, Francisca Straube is a woman of many talents. First emerging in early 2015, she has grown to international prominence for her avant-garde sound that mixes pop, hip-hop, electronic, ambient and other music elements.

Her track “Seres Invisible” is a spooky Spanish pop song about two invisible beings searching the world for each other. With eerie piano, an ensemble of string instruments and a funky club beat, the instrumental build-up that backs up Francisca’s ethereal vocals is hauntingly beautiful and unforgettable.





Danger Incorporated

6. Danger Incorporated – Fall Apart

Throughout their career, Atlanta’s Danger Incorporated (comprised of two long-time high school friends Loui Duffelbags and Boothlord) has experimented with a number of genres. But on their most recent album Hackers of the World Unite, the duo takes unprecedented creative risks.

Their song “Fall Apart” fuses glitchcore, emo trap and country into an eclectic but catchy song about the paradox of trying not to play the part that people want you to but also feeling like you have to fit a certain mold to be accepted.





Flower Face

7. Flower Face – Angela

While Canadian singer-songwriter Flower Face may have released “Angela” two years ago, the song feels timeless. For a bittersweet post-breakup track, the lyrics are spot on: “ And no I’m not in love anymore / “But I will keep you close to me forever,” she croons over a soft acoustic guitar as she yearns for a lover who she knows will never return.

If you’re a hopeless romantic, or someone who previously left a relationship, this song will definitely get you in the feels. The same can be said for the rest of her indie-pop album Baby Teeth




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Fall Vibes Tracklisting

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home
Bon Iver & St Vincent – Rosyln
girl in red – we fell in love in october
John Vincent III – Lost / Inside Our Minds
Modest Mouse – Float On
Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon
Sargasso – Sacred Plums
Conan Gray – Heather
Bruno Major – Easily
salvia palth – i was all over her
Isaiah Rashad – West Savannah (Ft. SZA)
ODIE – Little Lies
LEISURE – Know You Better
LANY – cowboy in LA
Izzy Camina – Kill Your Local Indie Softboy
Faye Webster – Kingston
Rubio – Seres Invisibles
Gus Dapperton – Palms
Cailin Russo – September Rose
Tim Atlas – Compromised
Blood Orange & Park Hye Jin – CALL ME (Freestyle)
Billy Lemos & Tati – Midlife Crisis
Still Corners – The Last Exit
Kyle Lux – Softly
mxmtoon – ok on your own (Ft. Carly Rae Jepsen)
Dreamer Boy – Know You
AUDREY NUNA – damn Right
Absofacto – Someone Else’s Dream
Danger Incorporated – Fall Apart
Craft Spells – Party Talk
Flower Face – Angela
Steady Holiday – Mothers
Parks, Squares and Alleys – We’re Not Just Friends
Rex Orange County – Sunflower
The Aces – Volcanic Love
Phoneboy – Acid Girl
Summer Salt – Revvin’ my Cj7
Kate Bollinger – Candy
Omar Apollo – Kamikaze
Dua Saleh – RE(a)D (with Bas)
Thundercat – Dragonball Durag (Remix Ft. Smino & Guapdad 4000)
Greentea Peng – Hu Man
Beach Bunny – Prom Queen
Men I Trust – Lauren
The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather
Harry Styles – Falling
Phoebe Bridgers – Moon Song
Waxahatchee – Fire
Taylor Swift – betty
Jae Deco – The Art Museum