Elle Belle
Photo credit: Casey Curry

Breakup songs are a staple of any music listener’s diet, and LA’s Elle Belle is harvesting all he can for those in need of such sustenance. Under this moniker, composer Christopher Pappas is sharing “In The Garden”, accompanied by video reminiscent of 80’s-era karaoke stock that adds playful color to the gut-wrenching feeling and subsequent, all too vivid imagination evoked when seeing the ex with someone else. Elle has his hands on every instrument to ensure accuracy of this imagery, mastering the melancholic tones that seem inherent to those in this specific pain. As a composer, he has written pieces for NASA (yes, NASA), along with an award-winning musical set to go off-broadway. Talent like this should never be overlooked. Watch below.

His forthcoming record, No Signal, is out June 29th via Little Record Company and is available for pre-order here.