After a tumultuous year, Nashville’s ELEL are returning as a cultural force to be reckoned with, sharing “Early In The Morning”. An anthemic dancer to the core, this new single from the rebuilding pop outfit seamlessly combines layers of synthy goodness as modestly soaring vocals surround us like a cool breeze.

This is proof positive that music itself is a healer of all. Frontman Ben Elkins has been through a lot this year, from his rough breakup with the band’s namesake and label to the near complete dissolution of the band itself. He bounced back in full recovery mode, finding therapeutic comfort in writing new material. Needless to say, we’re ready for more. Listen below.

On the new single, ELEL writes, “‘Early In The Morning” turned out to be a really fun song, but it came out of a really tough time. It’s just so hard not being as close as you want to be to someone you love. There’s hours every day that are surprisingly lonely. It’s in these hours that I wrote this one.”