DWLLRS, composed of Bren Eisman and Joey Spurgeon, first began making music together as roommates during their first-year of college. 

“We connected on a spiritual level and over our love for Canes’ fried chicken,” Bren said. “Joey has a background in making music and songwriting and he taught me some chords on guitar and we started writing together.”  

Overtime, the indie-pop duo’s sound has evolved into what can best be described as a woozy daydream — hypnotic indie pop that lives at the intersection of nostalgic, hopeful, and bittersweet. 

There are few musicians who can evoke such feelings of existentialism, wistfulness, and heartbreak in their songs, all whilst maintaining optimism for better days to come. 

But so far, DWLLRS has been able to find that balance, with their debut single “And Then We’ll Be Alright,” accumulating over a million streams on Spotify in just a few months.


With this kind of momentum, there is no doubt that Bren and Joey have a promising music career ahead of them — and much of that can be attributed to their dedication to relatable, authentic tunes.

“And Then We’ll Be Alright” is foundationally about this girl that I had a long term relationship with,” said Bren. “But then it’s message kind of morphed into this broader commentary on insecurity and fear and how those things play into relationships.”

“We chose it as our debut single because it just felt like the perfect combo of the two of us and it just felt right,” explained Joey, who said the song only took a day or so to finish. “I don’t know it just felt organic and we were both in love with the song and the timing and it just worked out.”

This organic vulnerability “And Then We’ll Be Alright” finds it way into their second and most single “Iced Coffee.”


While accompanied by a cinematic music video, the song “Iced Coffee” really could stand on its own, with lyrics that paint such a vivid image of two people sitting in a coffee shop, spilling out their emotions to one another. With lyrics like “How am I supposed to love someone else? / Working on my mental health,” and “Put my medals on my shelf / I thought we were talking about coffee,” you can’t help but wonder what this song is about. 

“This song isn’t about a specific coffee date or even really inspired by a certain person in my life,” said Bren. “It’s more of a commentary on vulnerability and kind of serves as a confession that I get really scared to open up sometimes. Fear can be pretty paralyzing and can kind of throw you into states of apathy which is never good and this song was me and Joey trying to find the middle ground between hope and honesty that life can be pretty hard and scary.” 

It is this dedication to vulnerability in their music — to tackling difficult topics like fear and apathy and trying to find the middle ground — that drives these two artists and will continue to bring them musical success. Right now, they have a lot of music in the works — and they’re super excited to continue and build and develop the DWLLRS’ sound and vision.

“We’re currently planning on dropping singles throughout the rest of the year and then a more extensive project sometime next year. Also lots of videos and “content” as well.”

Be sure to follow DWLLRS on Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify to keep-up-to-date on their latest tracks, including new single “It’s Only Up From Here,” which will be released September 3 on all platforms. And keep reading to get a sense of DWRLLS’ music taste and fun personality.



What have you been listening to lately?

What’s your go-to coffee shop order? 

Joey: ICED VANILLA LATTE W/ ALMOND MILK AND MORNING GLORY MUFFIN. Bren likes the same thing without vanilla.

Do you sing in the shower? What songs? 

Joey: Yes, Adele and Drake.

Bren: Lady Gaga and ACDC are my go-to.

What’s your most useless skill or secret talent? 

Joey is super good at Marco Polo and Bren is an avid “quick-scoper” in Call of Duty.

What’s the last text message you received? 

I actually just got a text from a friend saying our song was playing in a store which was super cool and we got really excited.

What little things about life make you happy? 

Joey: Greeting my dogs every morning always makes me happy. Also seeing a butterfly out and about really makes my day.

Ben: Fluffy clouds, my mom, sleeping in too long and getting a morning coffee (at 1pm), and sunsets.

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be and why? 

Joey: Aang from Avatar cause he’s trying to bend all the elements.

Bren: Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender because I’m pretty emotional and moody but I feel like one day my character arc will go full circle and I’ll be the Fire Lord.

Favorite quarantine moment?

Joey: Many moments of creating new music with my best buddy Bren.

Bren: Making music and having family time.