Dirty Projectors

On Dirty Projectors‘ latest single, “That’s A Lifestyle”, Dave Longstreth foretells our doom with sharp lyrics over a sweet winding melody. From the beginning, he’s taking on unjust wars and environmental destruction: “Who will stop wasting the lives of the brave/Based on a lie/Who will stop wasting the forest and seas/We know what will survive.” The chorus is strange and discordant, but it willget stuck in your head. “That’s a product/That’s a brand/That’s a lifestyle”, the lines tumble over each other like someone reaching for any justification for their frivolous life. Product, brand, lifestyle, all of them are just buzzwords that can’t stand up to the bigger issues on Longstreth’s mind. Collectively the song conjures an image of a traveling bard sneaking social critique into a performance before the king.

The accompanying animated video by Kitty Faingold is no less striking. In a massive empty mansion, classical Greek statues dance and sing and cry, sometimes while missing heads and limbs. A pair of them even watch a nuclear bomb go off. Chances are the song and video will leave you feeling something, but you won’t mind a rewatch or two to try and figure out what.