If you’re a chump, you might think Deafheaven‘s first new ten-minute-plus issue from these shoegaze-cum-black metal extraordinaires in three years is just more of the same inarticulate yelling and reverb-blasting that made Sunbather such a talking piece. But it is not and you are a chump for thinking so. Hand in your badge and go home.

Somewhat midway through “Honeycomb,” which comes with a polaroid road-trip music video that unfortunately comes off as low-fi version of this, Daniel Tracy’s drums start to announce themselves in the mix with all the subtlety of Travis Barker’s bare chest entering the room and what-do-you-know, we start hearing some real melodic power chords coming to the surface and suddenly even George Clarke’s voice no longer feels like it was recorded in a faraway desert of anguish. You can hum it, headbang to it; it’s good, old-fashioned 2000s angst-n-roll baked deep within Jack Shirley’s mix.


Of late, Deafheaven have cooking up surprises for the curious listener—check out the practically Movement-era post-punk rewards waiting for you on New Bermuda’s closer “Gifts for the Earth.” On the first sample they’ve given us of their latest full-length, out this summer, they sound like they’re ready to hit Warped Tour and make some memories you won’t forget. Ah, well, there’s always festival season.

Ordinary Corrupt Human Love is out July 13th on ANTI-.