Piramid Scheme

Today is the big day for alt rock trio Piramid Scheme as they debut their EP with an exclusive stream. Channeling the raw energy of garage rock and juxtaposing with the crisp string work reminiscent of early Radiohead, the band make one hell of an introduction. Vocalist Lisa Said carries with her a haunting rendition of introspection and social commentary, bringing to light poignant philosophy with in the key of life.

Piramid Scheme began with Lisa Said and Darrien Day in the summer of 2017, while Darrien’s band at the time was nearing its curtain call. Both seasoned musicians well acquainted with the DC circuit, the duo began recording together following Lisa’s own solo EP release and quickly hit it off. They hit the studio soon after, joined by long-time friend and drummer Andrew Toy who was happy to complete the set.

Get Rich Quick Too is out now via Tall Short. Listen below and grab a copy here.