Dana Buoy 2
Photo credit: Colton Major

The latest relationship jam by Dana Buoy is a cold splash of water on the face. “Whatever” explores the feelings invoked by cat-and-mouse pursuits and the ultimate gut punch of rejection. His take comes with semi-alternative accents and smooth pop vocalization that speaks to an expertise heard less and less these days. This is demonstrated by the length of the track itself –going a little longer than your average as it works to get the point across. It’s something one might consider a luxury for a track outside of the ambient/dream pop realm, and we’re taking advantage while we wait for the new record.

Dana Buoy’s forthcoming album, Ice Glitter Gold, is out February 23rd via Everloving and available for pre-order here. Stay tuned and listen below.

On the new single, Dana writes, “An outsider’s perspective on a friend’s infatuation with a girl that swept him over and quickly soured, leaving him anxious for more debasement.”